Old Blundellian Club

Welcome to the OB Club website. If you have any news or other material that you would like to offer us for the site please email it to our administrator, Janet Wooff, at admin@obclub.co.uk, or use the postal address at the bottom of the page.

Objectives of the OB Club

Maintain and foster the association of Old Blundellians, bringing them together in as many ways as possible and keeping them informed of the careers of fellow Old Blundellians; also of life and development at the School.

Promote and further the interests of the School whenever possible ensuring its survival and good health, and to work for the greater good of the Blundell's community as a whole.

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Officers, Committee and Administrators

The offices of President and Chairman of the Old Blundellian Club will both fall vacant in June 2016 on the retirement of the current holders, Martyn Grose and Paul Waterworth. See the Meetings page for details on the 'OB Club Chairman and President Election Procedure 2016'.


Martyn Grose   Judge Paul Waterworth   Jonny Ison
Martyn Grose
Judge Paul Waterworth
Jonny Ison
Hon. Treasurer


Member Email address
Mr CNC Abram cncabramgmailcom
Miss A Blackmore absblackmore2008hotmailcom
Mr D d'Arcy Hughes daviddarcyhughescouk
Mr RN Giles kilntopbtinternetcom
Mr H McDowell hcomcdowellgmailcom
Mr R Paxton r_paxtonhotmailcouk
Ms E Runciman runcimanemilyhotmailcom
Mr N Soul nicksouloutlookcom
Cdr RJ Swarbrick richardjswarbrickyahoocouk
Ms T Hardick tillylakesideholidayscouk
Miss E Blackmore
(ex-Head Girl, 2015)
Mr T O'Brien
(ex-Head Boy, 2015)

Get involved!

Your committee would welcome involvement from younger Old Blundellians. If you would like to volunteer or know someone who might be prepared to do so, or if you would just like to know more, do please contact our administrative assistant, Janet Wooff, at the Beale Centre at Blundell’s School by e-mail on admin@obclub.co.uk or telephone 01884 232010.


Paddy Armstrong   Janet Wooff
Paddy Armstrong
Hon. Secretary
Janet Wooff
Club Administrator

Contact Us

You may contact the club at any time by using the address and telephone/fax numbers at the bottom of the page. If the office is unattended there is an answerphone.

If you wish to look around the school please report to the school's Main Reception, as all visitors must sign in.

For Old Blundellians, if your personal details have changed please log onto Blundell's Reunited (the OB Database) or contact the office by phone or email.

Social Media Sites

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