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October 7th '50 Years On' Reunion Dinner Big School O.B.C.
11th Winter Lunch
Speaker: Douglas Rice (Master, 1969-98).
Topic: Two more notable Old Blundellians'
Beale Centre O.B.C.
23rd Kenya Reception Kenya D.O.
November 5th Dubai Reception Dubai D.O.
8th Winter Lunch
Speaker: Nick Cooper (P 1963-67).
Topic: "HQ UNPROFOR Zagreb 1993 - memories and reflections"
Beale Centre O.B.C.
December 6th Winter Lunch
Speaker: Alice Kerr (NC 1999-2004).
Topic: ‘The current refugee crisis’
Beale Centre O.B.C.
January 10th Winter Lunch
Speaker: Annika Heddrick-Wiggans (the Bursar).
Topic: "A new Bursar: Initial thoughts and ideas for Blundell’s School"
Beale Centre O.B.C.
15th SLT/SMT OB Club Drinks Reception (TBC) Beale Centre O.B.C.
February 14th Winter Lunch
Speaker: David d'Arcy Hughes (FH 1958-62).
Topic: "General Wolfe: a Relative View"
Beale Centre O.B.C.
March 14th Winter Lunch
Speaker: Ali Deighton-Gibson (Master 1981-2016).
Topic: "From River to Plate"
Beale Centre O.B.C.
May 2nd Summer Cricket Lunch
MCC v 1st XI
Beale Centre O.B.C.
October 10th Winter Lunch
Speaker: Charles Abram (M 1959-64).
Topic: 'A brief introduction to Exeter Cathedral and links with Blundell's School'
Beale Centre O.B.C.

Fixtures for fives, golf, shooting, hockey, soccer, cricket, tennis and squash against the School and others will be arranged by Sports Club Secretaries.

Induction events for Westlake pupils will take place in the Beale Centre during the year.

Winter Lunches

The ‘Winter Lunch’ season is when Old Blundellians and their partners meet on the 2nd Wednesday of the month, between October and March, with the addition of a cricket lunch in May. They enjoy an informal three-course lunch and get together; the cost of the lunch is £14.00. The cash bar in the Colin Beale Centre opens for drinks at 12.30pm, with lunch at 1pm, followed by a 20-minute talk. The speaker, normally associated with Blundell’s, might talk on any manner of subject. If you have an interest that you would like to share or you would like more information on these lunches then please do make contact with Janet Wooff.

We are always keen to encourage new faces and therefore look forward to hearing from you soon. Janet can be contacted on 01884 232010 or at obclub@obclub.co.uk. Please note for catering purposes places need to be booked by the dates specified. Looking forward to hearing from you!

Winter Lunches dates are listed in the main events table, above.

OB Club Winter Lunches 2016/17

Reflections from Paul Waterworth (NC 1958-62)

Another very successful season of Winter Lunches at the Beale Centre has now drawn to a close. The format remains the same because guests find it attractive: why change something that is going well and is appreciated?

Winter LunchJanet Wooff, the OB Club administrator, again produced an excellent and interesting range of speakers. The topics varied widely from “Berlin from a military perspective in the Cold War”; “Collaborative Design and Public Art”; “Old Blundellians pursuing professional music careers”; “A pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela”; “A family tea business in Ceylon” and “Estates and buildings master planning”.

Obviously, as is inevitable, a particular subject will appeal to some more than others, but is there not something attractive hearing about a topic on which one knows nothing? It is like a door opening to reveal a room filled with unknown objects and being given a private tour of exploration and explanation.

Winter Lunch     Winter Lunch

I never knew, for example, that the Tamils first came to Ceylon (tea planters still seem to want to call it by the traditional name rather than Sri Lanka!) as immigrant workers at the end of the 19th century in response to the need for labour to work on the plantations. The local Sinhalese resented the immigrants and hence the tensions between the communities was born. I detect something rather familiar in that tale, one of the oldest of stories of moving populations, which continues to be relevant in our times.

The Winter Lunches are hosted in a most genial way by Mike Daniels. We extend our thanks to him. Particular tribute must be given to Janet Wooff for all her efforts. She is also the chef and produces wonderful fare. She is ably assisted by the evergreen Sue Beale who runs the bar, waits at table and in her quiet and efficient way, keeps her eye on everything. The lunches are attended by about 30 Old Blundellians and friends of Blundell’s.

Winter Lunch     Winter Lunch

If you would be interested in attending (the lunches resume in October and are held on the second Wednesday of each Autumn and Winter month, with the exception of a Cricket Lunch held in May) please contact Janet at admin@obclub.co.uk or telephone 01884 252010. In addition, do not be shy if you have something interesting upon which you could give a talk.

What a splendid way to spend three hours; good food, a glass of wine and the company of delightful companions. As Samuel Johnson said:-

A man (for which now read “person”) should keep his friendships in constant repair”.

Contacting the OB Club

Contact information can be found at the bottom of every page on this site. The Club administrator is Janet Wooff.