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Supporting You Throughout the Lockdown 

With lockdown upon us, we want you to know that we are keeping the Blundell’s Community in our thoughts. The last year has not been easy. Many members of our wider Blundell’s Community have been seriously impacted by the pandemic. While others have not been impacted as much, the changes to our normal routines have no doubt weighed us all down at times.

We wanted to take a moment to send our Community a big virtual hug – we are thinking of you. We also wanted to let our Community know how we may be able to support you during this time.

-Ben Boswell, Linda Bulpin, Emily Roffe-Silvester & Janet Wooff

Development Office & Old Blundellian Club

Blundell’s Telethon

We will continue to make calls to our Community throughout lockdown. We have previously been contacting members 70+ but will also be looking to speak to anyone within our Community who may benefit from a call.

If you or someone you know would benefit from a quick chat over the phone, please follow the link to sign up. The volunteers available to make these calls have benefited as much as those receiving them – so please do not be shy in signing up.

Phone Call

Career Mentoring 

We currently have over 350 Community members willing to give career advice or mentorship to the Blundell’s Community. Many of them have joined our Career Mentoring website, however we have many others on our database.

If you are looking to connect with someone in your industry for either advice, mentorship, a job or apprenticeship, please either look at our career mentoring site or contact us to see if there is anyone in your industry on our database. If you could offer career mentoring, please email the Development Office.   

Development Office - devoffice@blundells.org or 01884 232324

Find a Mentor

Business Directory

Please consider using the Blundell’s Business Directory as a first port of call when looking for products or businesses.

If you would like to include your business on the directory, please email the Development Office your details.


Find a Business

Virtual & Socially Distant Events

Please save the date for two upcoming virtual events. A Remembrance Service event has already been sent to our Community (please email us if you did not receive it).

In December, we will be hosting a Q&A with Bart Wielenga, the Head. Full details will be sent via email next week.

While all our socially distant events are now on hold, as soon as government guidelines allow, we will be offering anyone from our Community a chance to catch up.

Janet Wooff will continue to plan coffee mornings or tea parties at the Orangery Pop-Up Café (Uffculme, Devon) when able. If you would like to sign up to hear more about these events or would like to propose an event in your area, please contact Janet Wooff (GH 1980-82 & Old Blundellian Secretary) for more information.

Janet Wooff (GH 1980-82), Old Blundellian Club Secretary - obclub@obclub.co.uk

Names left to right: Mark Ogden (P 1957-61), Alex Brook (nee Brownlow, GH 1981-1983), Elizabeth Slade (Tiverton Mayoress, Former Parent), Janet Wooff (nee Frankpitt, GH 1980-1982, OBC Secretary) and Jenny Pack (OB widow).

School Update
The School remains confident that the planning and protocols in place are keeping our pupils & staff as safe as possible. While there is some extra uncertainly for our overseas pupils, our senior management is working hard to keep up with the overseas guidelines to support these pupils. The School continues to deliver a consistent message to our pupils and staff of – ‘HANDS, FACE, SPACE,’ and the pupils (& staff) are coping well with the protocols in place.

The School has also invested in an Antigen Testing machine. From the outset it has been our intention to do all that we can to ensure that all our pupils can continue with their education with minimal disruptions. The attractiveness of the device is the speed of the result and the cost (approximately 20% of the cost of the PCR test). It means that if we have a pupil or a member of staff with symptoms, we can confirm a result within 30 minutes. Similarly, if there is a positive test confirmed we can screen the whole bubble and any other people in close contact with that person very quickly to shut down any potential spread of the virus.

It works with a nasal swab and then gives a result in 30 minutes, with a capacity of 70 tests an hour. As it is an Antigen Testing device, it is not formally recognised by PHE at this stage although expert advice suggests that it is a matter of time before it will be adopted. For that reason, we are using it as a ‘Screening’ process rather than a ‘Testing’ one.
Although our report on the School have been heavily COVID related, our core business remains the same, teaching our pupils. In the classroom, its business as usual (with some extra precautions of course) and there has been many creative initiatives to ensure our sports programme and extra-curricular activities can continue - its never been a better time to enjoy the School's newly created Blundell's Garden by Old Blundellian & Staff Member, Charlie Olive (TH 1985-90).

Best wishes from The Development Office & Old Blundellian Club

Ben Boswell
(FH 2000-02), Director of Development

Linda Bulpin, Development and Events Coordinator

Emily Roffe-Silvester
Development Executive

Janet Wooff (GH 1980-82), Old Blundellian Club Secretary

Contact Details

Development Office
Email: devoffice@blundells.org
Phone: 01884 232324

Old Blundellian Club
Email: obclub@obclub.co.uk
Phone: 01884 232010







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