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Community COVID Phone Initiative

A huge thank you to our volunteers who reached out to the Old Blundellian community during lockdown and throughout these unprecedented times with a phone call (letter or email). The positive response was overwhelming – with over 300 calls or individual emails/letters being made by 18 volunteers to our Community.

We are particularly grateful to Janet Wooff nee Frankpitt (GH 1980-82 & Old Blundellian Club Secretary) for taking the lead in this initiative and calling over 190 members of our community herself! Many of her calls lasted well over the average 15-20 mins for each call.

We would also like to thank Old Blundellians; Charles Abram (M 1959-64) and Katharine Sendell (GH 2007-14) along with Heather Cordon (Staff) for also volunteering with this initiative.

If you would like a call or know of an Old Blundellian that would, please fill out the below form.

Phone Call

Smeaton Stuart Meeting Rooms

We are excited to unveil our new Smeaton Stuart Meeting Rooms! These 4 meetings rooms were made possible by the generous legacy of Old Blundellian, John Smeaton Stuart (SH 1949-54).

The meetings rooms will be both available and/or utilised by almost every member of the school body which means everyone will be able to benefit from the generosity of John.
If you are a member of the wider Community, and are passing Blundell’s – please do get in touch, we’d love to meet with you and our new meeting rooms are the perfect spot (with the ability to socially distance within the rooms).

If you are on LinkedIn, please consider joining our Community Group. This is a great place for career networking and connecting. We also have a Blundell’s Company page which you can follow. Please consider joining today and introduce yourself in the group.

LinkedIn Group
LinkedIn Page

Blundell's Quiz

The Blundell’s Quiz is back! Thank you to all those who have helped provide such excellent and testing questions for the Blundell’s Quiz. With particular thanks to Andrew Roberts (NC 1978-83) for providing us with numerous Blundellian Cricket information for this edition. Andrew has recently written ‘A History & Guide to the Cricket World Cup’ which can be purchased via Amazon.

Take Quiz

I Spy in London

Thank you to Mark Clarke (P 1978-83) who sent us in this photo of a Blundell’s Full Colours jacket in a vintage shop in London.
It was described as a ‘Boating Jacket’ and priced at £155. Mark added; ‘great to know it is an appreciating asset in these difficult times.’ 

Find Your Friends – Alumni Database

Perhaps this is a result of the recent lockdown and connecting with friends and family, but we have seen an increase of requests for details of fellow Old Blundellians. Which is fantastic! You can log into the Alumni Database and search for friends. Simply visit the link below, login with your username/password (click ‘forgot password’ if you do not know your user details) and on the left-hand side click on ‘Find Friends.’

This is a great reminder if you wish for your details to be available to be ‘found’ by others, please also logon and click on ‘Your Profile’ and update your details &/or make them public for other Old Blundellians to find. If you are experiencing any problems logging on or cannot find the details you are looking for, contact the Development Office for support.

Find Friends

Moved? New Email? 

Fill out this quick form and update us so we can ensure you receive relevant informations and events invites (when we can host them again!)

Update Your Details

Births, Engagements, Marriages & Deaths

Do you have any news to share? Please fill out the short form below to update us with your news.


Hardship  Fund

To donate towards the Blundell’s Hardship Bursary Fund, please click below. You can make a one-off donation or set-up a regular giving amount.

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Gift In Your Will

A legacy to the Blundell's Foundation is one of the most meaningful and enduring gifts you can make ensuring the future for generations to come.

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  Corporate Sponsorship

If you have a business interest you wish to promote, a corporate partnership could provide the perfect opportunity to raise awareness whilst supporting the School.

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Best wishes from The Development Office & Old Blundellian Club,

Ben Boswell
(FH 2000-02), Director of Development

Linda Bulpin, Development and Events Coordinator

Emily Roffe-Silvester
Development Executive

Janet Wooff (GH 1980-82), Old Blundellian Secretary

Contact Details

Development Office
Email: devoffice@blundells.org
Phone: 01884 232324

Old Blundellian Club
Email: obclub@obclub.co.uk
Phone: 01884 232010







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