Blundell’s Senior School begins in Year 7 and goes through to the end of Year 13.

We are very proud of the integrated nature of the school and our strong values and ethos are rooted in our history, but are borne out in our aspirations to be forward looking and innovative. The security of being a 400-year old institution gives us the foundation and the confidence to be bold and courageous in pursuing what we feel is right for our pupils.

We are committed to educating the whole person and we have the confidence that by doing what is right by the pupil, results will take care of themselves. Our educational philosophies and values are rooted in research and experience, and we know that by paying attention to the process of growing young men and women of consequence, results – exam results, musical grades, sporting successes, whatever measures one might use to grade achievement – will take care of themselves. 

Our exam results are excellent and we add considerable value to our pupils, but we feel that results are only important in so much as they act as keys to unlock doors of opportunity for our pupils’ futures. The more keys we can give them, the more options they have in front of them. 

I am tremendously heartened by the manner in which our pupils, parents and staff are committed to Blundell’s. When you sign your children up to a Blundell’s education you join a community who are learning and thriving together. It is a supportive and compassionate environment and pupils are encouraged to push themselves to ensure they fulfil their potential. We ensure that each pupil is individually known and cared for, and we aim to instil in them a deep optimism and a desire to make a meaningful contribution to their world.
Do come and visit us and see for yourself what is evident to us; that Blundell’s is a thriving community with children who are flourishing in our beautiful grounds and buildings in the care of inspirational and talented teachers. We have much to be proud of and we look forward to sharing this with you.

Mr Bart Wielenga, BCom, BEd
Head of Blundell's




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