Petergate is a friendly house based on the ethos of tolerance and regard for others.


Support for others is vital as the House is a community, and like the best communities ours is built on inclusivity, respect and kindness. It is these principles that run through everything we do at Petergate. It is so important to get involved.

During the year there are a large number of house events going on – sports, plays, music, public speaking - and we very much want you to be a part of that in Petergate. As you move up through the School you will find yourself organising and running many of these activities, and so there are so many ways to become part of the Petergate team.

The opportunities are endless, and our aim is that you find activities that you love and become real interests for you. Petergate is a home-from-home for our boys, and a place we feel very proud of. We’d love to show you around!

Dylan Smart


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