Our house motto is ‘No Passengers’ and following this motto is what makes Old House (OH) such a great place to be.


Old House (OH) is such a great place to be. All members of the OH community are here to contribute and get involved. We are all individuals with a unique set of skills, abilities and talents. In OH we celebrate you for whatever you can offer and whoever you are. There are many events that the House will take part in throughout the year and we love to see the boys getting involved.

Winning is great, but taking part and having a go are just as important. Everyone works together and contributes to the well-being of everyone in the House which ensures that OH boys do nothing but succeed in everything the House takes on. Our strong community is built on tolerance and kindness, and we are a team who all look out for each other. We are very proud of Old House, and of the way the boys get on so well together.

Charlie Olive


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