This event, named after the famous Blundellian and West Country parson, Jack Russell, was created back in 1877.

This will be the 140th year that the event has been held (although, according to some the figure is open to debate). It is with much gratitude to our local farming community and neighbours that this year’s event can go ahead.

Particular thanks go to Mr & Mrs J Hull, Dr & Mrs H Breitmeyer, Mr & Mrs Punchard, Mrs Evans, Mr and Mrs S G Dibble, Mr P Brind (Great Western Canal Trust), Mr and Mrs M Frankpitt, Mr and Mrs W McManus for granting access to their land, and to all of the other local residents on route. This year the practice runs have been particularly demanding due to the atrocious weather conditions. It never ceases to amaze those who watch how every single Blundellian just gets on with the running, gaining points for their House and never moaning despite the wind, rain, hail, snow and mud. (There is more mud than ever!)  

Individual trophies are presented to the winner of each race, plus a cup for ‘Second to the Russell’ – second place in the main Russell Race. There are also team competitions taking place; won by the top six runners per race, per House (both for boys and girls). In addition, there is the Berry-Barker-Balance-Cup for Endeavour which is awarded to the runner who has made the most spirited effort and improvements in their fitness over the year.  

Hot drinks and food are available throughout the afternoon, with any money raised helping to fund local charities and school events.  

OB and Parent Entry

Old Blundellians or parents who would like to run in the race should contact to be assigned a number and place.

Any further details can be requested from Mr Baily at

Finally, many thanks to all the staff who have helped; without them, this event would not be possible.



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