Sport at the senior school is played regularly by nearly all our pupils

For some, this is at a very high level having been selected at County or National level. We recognize that competitive sport is character building and allows all pupils to develop resilience, discipline, teamwork and sense of belonging. However, competitive sport is not for every single pupil , and some pupils in the senior years enjoy fitness and well-being classes allowing then to develop their own health, fitness, and happiness in other ways.



Whether you are aspiring to be a junior international or keen to give hockey a go, Blundell’s has a number of teams and opportunities that enable every pupil to represent a school team whilst providing all pupils the opportunity to develop and be challenged by the game of hockey. The hockey at Blundell’s provides pupils with physical and mental challenges both in a training capacity and competition. Pupils experience success, failure and growth whilst under the supervision of a dynamic and supportive group of staff coaches. These experiences will only enhance what pupils achieve in the classroom.



Netball at Blundell’s is enthusiastically played by all girls, recreationally and competitively. Those who strive to play at the highest level train regularly within school in combination with any external elite commitments. Fielding five senior and twelve junior teams in the Spring Term, Blundell’s also enters all National Schools’ Tournaments in the Autumn Term.



A very strong tradition and culture of Rugby exists at Blundell’s. We are very proud of our numerous old boys and one or two girls who have played or are playing at the very highest level. However we pride ourselves on the opportunity and enjoyment that all our pupils will have from playing. We have more teams than nearly all schools of our size and enjoy a very competitive and high quality fixture list. Girls Sevens is proving more and more popular and we are continually expanding our girls rugby sevens programme.



We aim to provide cricketing opportunities for all abilities at Blundell’s. There is an extensive winter training programme for our gifted and talented cricketers as well as various cricket activities for social players. We have 15 cricket teams, which provide all our girls and boys the opportunity to play in matches.


Health, Fitness & Wellbeing

We recognise that Sport is not for all and a programme in our senior years that includes yoga, fitness sessions and self-defence is available to those who prefer time out of the classroom to stay fit, healthy and stress-free rather than the rigours of competitive sport.


More sports choices

As the pupils progress up the school more and more sporting choices become available to them. These choices include Badminton, Basketball, Equestrian, Fives, Football, Golf, Kayaking, Sailing, Swimming, Track and Field Athletics, Cross Country Running and Tennis.


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