In Maths, we strive to put understanding at the heart of everything we do, helping pupils to develop confidence in numeracy, problem solving abilities and critical thinking skills. We offer a dynamic and diverse curriculum allowing pupils to grow as mathematical thinkers. 

In the younger years, we look to develop a strong foundation of numerical understanding and skills, providing pupils with an ability and confidence to apply their knowledge across a range of contexts and problems. 

We build on this through the GCSE years to incorporate a broader range of topics and a heavier focus on algebraic generalisations. We continue to develop problem-solving skills and provide pupils with opportunities to tackle challenging questions that are designed to focus on improving pupils understanding of the material. 

We have the largest intake into A-Level of any department in the school, with approximately half the year group opting for either Maths or Further Maths. The new A-Level course is challenging and allows pupils to extend their mathematical knowledge to a high level. There is time and opportunity in the timetable to allow pupils to work beyond and outside of the curriculum restraints and this means pupils can take time to enjoy the subject, whilst developing the necessary understandings and knowledge. 

There are opportunities for pupils to extend their Maths outside of the curriculum, with entry into individual Maths challenges, team challenges and regular problem-solving activities. We are hugely successful in these competitions at a national level. These activities provide pupils with the time to apply their mathematical knowledge in different and exciting ways, helping to improve their skills as mathematicians, but also allowing them to enjoy Maths for the challenge and enjoyment it can provide. 


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