Economics investigates human behaviour and the decision-making by consumers, businesses and governments.

At its core is the concept of optimising the individual, looking at how individuals and organisations make choices and the impacts that they have on the world around us. The department aims to give pupils insight into the fast moving world around them, drawing on history, speculating about future events and analysing the present. We teach theory, laced with real world examples in a balanced manner.

Economics at Blundell’s sets out to analyse the impact that policies and events have on the economic well-being of the local, national and international population. Topics such as ‘why the West’s love affair with free trade maybe coming to an end?’ or ‘the implications of our imminent cashless future’ are debated at length and from a global standpoint. There is no right or wrong but simply an appreciation for alternative approaches and a thirst to understand the possible implications of our decisions. We like our pupils to arrive furnished with an enquiring and thought-provoking mind-set. We want pupils to show a willingness to use models and data, to reach conclusions and have confidence to say what they think. The ability to build a case, hold an argument and defend it robustly will be celebrated and encouraged.

The department is well resourced with a strong body of professional experience. This supports our teaching, the Blundell’s enrichment program and the societies and clubs that we run. As a group we embrace innovative teaching strategies, use examples from the real world and aim to equip pupils with invaluable life skills as we go.


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