Classical Civilisation appeals to anyone attracted to the ancient world, whether that interest stems from mythology, history or literature.

It is a wide ranging subject involving the study of literature, art, artefacts, archaeological sites, and the ancient historical context. Groups are lively and interactive with discussion and reading to support study.

Classical Civilisation promotes logical and structured thinking that is interdisciplinary. At GCSE and A level, we study the society, culture and literature from Ancient Greece and Rome. No ancient language is needed as all the texts are in translation, and it doesn’t matter if you haven’t studied the Greeks and Romans; all you need is an interest in the Ancient World and its cultures.

Classical Civilisation offers an important insight into where we come from and why modern society is the way it is. It develops one’s appreciation of some of the earliest ancient literature and culture, which gives pupils a better insight into our own global cultural diversity and language. Classical Civilisation trains pupils to collect a diverse range of information and to synthesise this information into clear, concise, personal arguments and opinions; skills to set pupils up for a career in almost any walk of life.


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