Business drives the world economy. It provides employment, leisure, income and wealth. It helps us to improve our quality of life and provides us with both essential and luxurious goods and services.

The purpose of this subject is to understand how individuals and organisations function and the effects they have on the world around us. It equips pupils with the skills required to work in large multinational organisations and gives them the confidence to pursue a life of entrepreneurship.

Over the next ten years, it is widely agreed that the nature of the firm will be reshaped. Such change is not new and has happened many times. The individuals and companies that anticipate and adapt to these profound shifts will succeed and thrive in a more dynamic era. The Business department at Blundell’s aims to equip pupils with the skills and tools to understand, pre-empt and make quick and calculated adjustments for these changes. We see this as a vital element of the education we provide at Blundell’s and our contribution to it is something of which we are incredibly proud.

Our aim is to provide pupils with an understanding of the techniques, skills and practices that can be used to make informed national and global business decisions. Our teachers are experts with a wide range of experience from large multi-national corporations to small-scale start-ups. The teaching staff are united by a passion for both the subject and innovative teaching strategies. We contextualise theory as much as possible and aim to teach invaluable life skills as we go. The business environment is fast moving and innovative. It is our intention to emulate this and we are fully committed to best preparing our pupils to thrive as they move beyond Blundell’s.


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