The academic ethos at Blundell’s is fuelled by a number of complementary principles and beliefs

We see exam performance as a way of opening doors in the future, rather than an end unto itself. 

Our highly effective academic approach is based on the very latest research into the way in which pupils learn. Self-efficacy, derived from both believing that you can succeed and being believed in, is key, as we know that a pupil with drive and determination to do well, whatever their academic ability, will find achievement at every turn. 

Complementing this, we have a carefully-constructed system in place to guide pupils towards a more active approach to their learning. Rather than sitting back and listening, we need our pupils to be on the front foot –  asking questions, discussing ideas, looking things up, engaged and thinking for themselves. 

Finally, our commitment to entwine the academic and the pastoral; that pupils learn when they are supported and happy, and that they are supported and happy when they are learning, ensures that every pupil at Blundell’s is known and fully supported to achieve their best. 


Blundell’s School pupils achieve outstanding A-Level results.

Leading South West school Blundell’s is delighted to announce that its pupils have received a terrific set of A-Level results.

We are extremely proud of our pupils who have performed excellently once again this year and our value added is very strong across all abilities. We are particularly pleased with the top half of the year group (50 pupils) who achieved 70% A*/A and 92% A*-B grades. 

The following pupils gained at least three grades at A* and A: Jack Armstrong Williams, Max Baker, Rory Bateman, Ben Dawson, Sam Dodd, Grace Francis, Joshua Huggett, Gregory Kitson, Jack Klinkenberg, Victor Mills, Trixie Nicholson. Alongside these the majority of the pupils from the year group of 100 gained at least one A grade.

Mr Charles List, the Deputy Head (Academic) said “there has been a particularly high rate of acceptance for Blundell’s students into their first choice of university with popular destinations including Imperial College, London, LSE, Durham, Edinburgh, Bristol, Newcastle and Manchester. Several students have been successfully accepted at US Universities”

The Head, Mr Bart Wielenga, commented: “This cohort has been a particularly impressive group of young men and women who have contributed widely to school life. Alongside these stellar results they have excelled on the sports fields, in the theatre and on the musical stage. The depth and breadth of their talents will certainly be missed by the community but we are immensely proud of what they will go on to achieve in the next stage of their lives.”

“These results reflect a great deal of hard work by our pupils and highlights that their academic ambition and aspiration is as high as ever. This generation of young people enter into a very uncertain and unstable political and economic environment but their determination to be positive and conscientious contributors to a better society gives me great cause for optimism. They leave us with our very warmest wishes for bright and fulfilling futures.” 

“This is also an opportunity for me to pay tribute to the expertise and dedication of our staff who give their time and support to our pupils. Their energy and enthusiasm and unstinting belief in the efficacy of their charges is a key aspect to these successful results.”

Blundell's School is delighted to announce an outstanding set of GCSE results for 2019.

As is reported in the media, the newly reformed GCSE’s are more challenging with the new 9 – 1 grading system designed to differentiate better between pupils of varying abilities. We are therefore very pleased that over 20% of all grades were awarded a 9 and an incredible 56% of all grades were at 7, 8 or 9. The national average is 4.5% and 22% respectively so these are very good results indeed.
17 pupils averaged a grade 8 or higher across 10 subjects: Mia, Lara, Madeleine, Imogen, Joseph, James, Mariia, Alice, Harry, Milly, Holly, Erica, Misha, Harry, Laura, Benedict and Thomas.
The top performing students, with an outstanding clean sweep of 9s, were Erica, Thomas and Laura.
The Head, Bart Wielenga said, “These results reflect the tremendous focus and application of our Year 11 pupils and we are so proud of them. The results reflect the high academic aspirations of our pupils and their determination to give of their best in all circumstances.
These students are now very well placed to embrace the next challenge on their academic journey and we are looking forward to seeing them back at school in a few weeks’ time when their A-Level courses begin. They will be joined by 25 new Sixth Form students from local schools like Uffculme, Ivybridge and Clyst Vale as well as other independent schools from both the UK and abroad.
I would like to thank the staff for their inspirational leadership and their investment in the lives of these young people, especially in the classroom but also in supporting them on the games fields, in the theatre and the art school and in their musical endeavours.”


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