The academic ethos at Blundell’s is fuelled by a number of complementary principles and beliefs.

We see exam performance as a way of opening doors in the future, rather than an end unto itself.

Our highly effective academic approach is based on the very latest research into the way in which pupils learn. Self-efficacy, derived from both believing that you can succeed and being believed in, is key, as we know that a pupil with drive and determination to do well, whatever their academic ability, will find achievement at every turn.

Complementing this, we have a carefully-constructed system in place to guide pupils towards a more active approach to their learning. Rather than sitting back and listening, we need our pupils to be on the front foot – asking questions, discussing ideas, looking things up, engaged and thinking for themselves.

Finally, our commitment to entwine the academic and the pastoral; that pupils learn when they are supported and happy, and that they are supported and happy when they are learning, ensures that every pupil at Blundell’s is known and fully supported to achieve their best.


Blundell's School A-Levels 2020 

In what has been a particularly challenging time for all school leavers, we are very pleased to report that 93% of our pupils have secured places at the university of their choice.
The disruptions to the exam programme caused by the COVID-19 outbreak has required pupils’ results to be produced based on grades submitted by the school and verified by a moderation process by Ofqual through the exam boards. We are confident that this process has, given the circumstances, ensured a positive set of results that will allow our pupils to pursue their ambitions through universities, apprenticeships or other means and we are delighted that despite the disruptions they can now make plans to continue on the next phase of their lives.

Three pupils achieved the entry grades to accept places at the University of Oxford and just over 50% have been successful in securing places at Russell Group Universities.
We are tremendously proud of the success of our pupils and it is a wonderful reflection of the aspirational and hard-working nature of this cohort as well as the dedication of our staff. This has not been an easy period for our community, but we are so pleased to be able to celebrate these results with our pupils – even if it must be done remotely!

Blundell's School GCSE 2020

After a tumultuous Summer we are pleased that our pupils have been rewarded with their Centre Assessed Grades. In what has been the most challenging of circumstances, it has become evident that replacing exam results with a computer-generated grade is highly unsatisfactory. It reminds us emphatically that education is so much more than just the grade on a certificate. Pupils, parents and teachers devote time, effort and energy to the educational process and that is not adequately reflected by any algorithm. Regardless of the sector, this is the case for all young people, and we are pleased that this generation of pupils can take pride in the grades that their teachers have rewarded them with.

We look forward to welcoming 25 new pupils to the Sixth Form in September 2020, coming from many local schools including Uffculme School, Clyst Vale Community College, Queen Elizabeth Community College, Cullompton Community College, The Park Community School, Tiverton High School, Colyton Grammar, Ivybridge Community College and Kingsbridge Community College.

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