Over the last few years, the academic life of the school has been imbued with new purpose.

At the heart of the School’s rigorous academic ethos is the key principle that all pupils must engage fully in their own learning and the learning of their peers and that, when they do this, anything is possible. 
We plan our curriculum in Years 7-9 to support pupils in developing a more active approach to learning. We ensure each pupil employs a range of learning methods during this time in order to see what works for them. Sometimes quiet reflection and research is required, sometimes debate, discussion and group work.  

Innovative teaching delivers energy and vitality to the classroom, where pupils debate, discuss and question. Enrichment and collaborative working is the lifeblood of our curriculum, opening pupils’ eyes to the fact that not everyone sees the world in the same way, and preparing our young people for higher education and the workplace beyond. Pupils achieve highly as they are known and we recognise that each will learn in different ways, whilst emphasising the importance of independence and interdependence in their learning. 

 The individual conversations and relationships pupils have with their Tutors are key to our approach, as is the collaborative nature of classroom practice. We expect our pupils to work together, to share ideas, to produce group work, and to challenge and support each other. As a result, classrooms are lively places. 

Learning at Blundell’s is a purposeful, rigorous and enjoyable experience, and we are very proud of what we are able to offer our pupils.  




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