At Blundell’s Prep, we are proud to offer a curriculum that is extraordinarily broad, providing every child with the opportunity to find something which sparks their enthusiasm and imagination.

Our subject specialists are able to provide differentiated lessons to support and challenge all of our children, whilst equipping them with the knowledge and skills necessary for their education beyond the Prep School.  We want children to give everything a go, without fear of failure, and the range of subjects available provides exactly that opportunity.       



We have a light, modern, well-resourced art room, which offers an excellent environment in which the children can flex their creative muscles. They are given the opportunity to experiment with a variety of media, to work a range of skills, and to benefit from workshops with visiting teachers.



High-quality computing education equips pupils with the skills to develop logical thinking and creativity in order to support their learning in an ever-changing digital environment. We offer a curriculum that matches the needs and interests of our pupils, helping them to master the many advantages that technology can provide



Every child is encouraged to explore and develop their own imagination through a carefully planned skills programme which encourages improvisation and innovation. The learning experience is fun and exciting as the children explore exotic destinations as well as relive real experiences through familiar stories, mime and fantastic adventures.


Design Technology

The children are encouraged to think creatively about rapidly changing technologies and how they can influence them. Working as individuals and as part of a team, they identify needs, wants and opportunities, and respond to them by developing ideas and making products. Through design and technology, the children learn to become discerning consumers and forward-thinking innovators.



Our mission is to develop a child’s interest in and appreciation of literature for its own sake. We seek to build confidence and develop skills in the key areas of speaking, listening, reading and writing whilst also teaching the children how to write creatively in a range of different fiction and non-fiction genres.


Food Technology

From Year 3, every child has the chance to use our state of the art teaching kitchen to cook up all manner of delicious recipes, from blackberry crumble with fruit from our school grounds or a colourful and healthy pasta salad with ‘rainbow’ vegetables. Wonderful life skills are developed and the masterchefs of the future are created.



All of the children from Nursery to Year 6 develop an eagerness to learn languages and an appreciation of other cultures, countries and people. We aim to make language learning exciting and fun through the use of action songs, games and simple conversations before developing listening, reading, writing and speaking skills whilst also acquiring good pronunciation.



We encourage all of our children to question, investigate, debate and explore in a world where conservation, environmental and economic issues are a relevant part of their everyday lives. Our lessons explore the relationship between the earth and its peoples, helping our children to become socially and environmentally sensitive, informed and responsible citizens.



The aim of the History Department is simple – develop an interest that will last long after the children leave the school. This happens in many different ways but few will depart Blundell’s Prep without having explored the wonders of Egyptian mummification, spent time in our replica trench, or experienced the wrath of King Henry VIII!



We believe that Mathematics is the language of life, offering fascinating insights into our world and how it works by demonstrating how Maths is relevant to every aspect of our lives. We instil in the children a confidence to attempt the diverse variety of topics that Maths contains and to extend their understanding through in-depth questioning and interactive investigation.



At Blundell’s Prep we aim to instil a love of music in all pupils. The children have class music each week and are invited to join instrumental and singing activities including our popular choirs. A variety of instruments can be learned with tuition from our visiting music teachers, and there are countless opportunities to perform in our inclusive concerts.


Outdoor Learning

The outdoors is just another classroom space for the children here at Blundell’s Prep. Starting with weekly ‘Wild Wonders’ in the Pre-Prep before moving on to whole mornings and full days in the Prep School, the outdoors enriches every subject area and enhances the learning experience for all of our children


Games and PE

Physical activity is crucial to any child’s development and we believe that every one of our pupils should have daily access to individual and team sports. Whilst team games form a key part in the structure of our week, we also provide a wide range of individual sports, allowing every child the opportunity to develop new skills and to find joy in participation.



PSHEE lessons are taught by Form Teachers who play a vital role in supporting the pupils own experiences and learning in Personal, Social, Health and Economic Education. A wide range of topics are covered but at the heart of all that we do is our school motto 'non sibi' (not for one's self).


Religious Education

Religious Education at Blundell’s Prep contributes to the children’s education by provoking challenging questions about meaning and purpose in life, beliefs about God, issues of right and wrong, and what it means to be human. They learn to articulate clearly and coherently their personal beliefs, ideas, values and experiences whilst also respecting the rights and views of others



The Science curriculum is designed to help our children better understand the world around them through the use of investigations, experiments and project work. We want to develop inquisitive learners and therefore all children are taught in a stimulating, hands-on environment which encourages curiosity to evolve into understanding


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