Sport at the Prep School is played four times a week by all of our pupils. 

With specialist staff, elite coaches and teams in every age group, our children get weekly fixtures and access to national festivals and tournaments.   



During the Summer Term, all of our girls and boys play cricket as their ‘major’ sport, with two training sessions a week and then a match afternoon. Fun, inclusive and competitive fixtures are introduced in Year 3 with a focus on participation for all.  Blundell’s Prep and the Devon Cricket Board work closely together, and the school is a regional hub for the Devon Development Programme, giving our girls and boys the chance to take their interest on to a representative level.



Swimming lessons and training are offered as a morning club throughout the year.  During the Summer Term there is the opportunity to use the outdoor pool in PE lessons and to take part in the Blundell’s Prep Biathlon.



Our girls play hockey during the Autumn Term and our boys during the Spring Term.  Coaching is provided by specialist Games staff with support from our elite coaches, and all of our children have the opportunity to take part in weekly inter-school fixtures.  A strong focus on skills and the opportunity to experience different types of match play, all contribute to each child’s development.  During the Spring half-term, our children head on tour to Jersey where the girls play in ‘International’ Hockey matches. 


More sports choices

Alongside our Games Programme, we also have a comprehensive Physical Education curriculum, with opportunities for the children to try lots of different sports and physical activities. Children will be taught to play tennis, badminton and squash, experience cross-country, athletics and handball. Fives is a game found in only a handful of schools, but at Blundell’s it is included within our curriculum as we have access to 6 courts.  Our aim is to promote fitness and well-being.     



Girls play Netball during the Spring Term and are coached in small groups by specialist staff, all of whom are based at the Prep School.  Additional support is also provided by our elite coaches, giving all of our girls the chance to develop their skills and understanding of the game.  Fixtures are played weekly against other schools and there is the opportunity to take part in tournaments across the region and at a national level.



Boys play rugby during the Autumn Term and enjoy a packed schedule of inter-school fixtures against schools across our region.  Our focus is on providing a safe and progressive learning environment in which all of the children can participate with confidence and enjoyment.  Beginning with Tag in Year 3, contact is then introduced in Year 4 in line with the RFU guidelines.  In Year 6, the children have the chance to play in the IAPS Festival and also go on tour to Jersey during the Spring half term. 


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