Blundell's pupils are well-grounded and find purpose and meaning in engaging with the world around them

In line with our Christian values, it is important that pupils deliberately and conscientiously seek out opportunities to serve and to grapple purposefully with social injustice and other complex challenges faced by society.

We aim to develop a sense of duty, a desire to meaningfully contribute to making the world a better place, even if it is only through small acts of kindness to the people closest to us. We recognise that social responsibility is intrinsically connected to self-knowledge and learning and it our intention that acts of social responsibility will be the natural consequence of pupils who are self-aware and dynamic learners.

The school has an active pupil-led Charity Committee who initiate and oversee charitable activity throughout the school. The intention is to support one local charity, a national charity and an international project. In addition to that, each of the houses has a charity which they support. Usually these charities have particular meaning to members of that house.

We seek to engage with the local community as much as we can. Our senior pupils regularly attend meetings of the Tiverton Council to report to them something of the life of the school. We recently participated as part of Tiverton’s entry for the Britain in Bloom competition and several Blundell’s initiatives were recognised by the judges. Blundell’s currently has a team of gardeners who have been developing the allotment at a local hospice. We continue to seek out other opportunities for partnership work locally.

Social Responsibility goes beyond charitable activities and one area in which the school is increasingly active is in areas of sustainability. A pupil-led sustainability committee is prominent in our school community and they work closely with our Estates Department to ensure that we are becoming increasingly efficient in our energy use. New windows and more efficient heating systems in the boarding houses have made a difference and newly installed energy meters can measure the energy use of each of the seven houses. The solar panels recently installed on the Design and Technology roof generate enough energy to power the Popham Centre, the DT department, Gorton House and North Close. 


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