Pastoral Care & Wellbeing

Proactive pastoral care is fundamental to all that we do at Blundell’s

Being a boarding community undoubtedly enhances the way in which we are able to look after our pupils, with round-the-clock care provided by a wide pastoral team: Houseparents, tutors, resident staff, qualified nurses and school doctors in the Medical Centre, a school counsellor and our chaplain, to name a few. Yet we also know that outstanding pastoral care is not just about having strong structures in place, as important as they are. It is also about knowing pupils individually, and as individuals; not just to help every child feel valued and known, but so that we can spot when things might not be quite right, and know what to do in those instances. 

We also place a strong focus on pupils’ wellbeing. At Blundell’s we know that wellbeing consists of many things: happy relationships, a sense of belonging, intellectual and spiritual fulfilment, a sense of purpose and meaning, healthy self-esteem, a positive and optimistic outlook, and support in achieving valued goals, to name but a few. We also know that, for many teenagers, at some point in their life not all of these areas will be in balance. We place pupil wellbeing at the heart of our school; taking pleasure when things are going well, but also being there to guide and support during the times they aren’t. Teenagers live in an increasingly challenging world. Through our expert pastoral care, our PSHE programme, and also our series of lectures and specialist speakers, we aim to help pupils understand how to manage their own wellbeing, and develop the ability to look after themselves just as much as they look after each other.

We know that when you send your child to school, you place a huge amount of trust in us. Our aim is to repay that trust, by truly knowing your child, helping them through the challenges, celebrating the victories, and being there for them whenever they need us. That is what outstanding pastoral care looks like. 


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