“Time outside of lessons is there to widen the opportunities and to inspire pupils, it is not apart from School work but an extension of it - the outside of the classroom is much a part of school life as the time inside. Every child is unique with different talents to be developed”       

 Neville Gorton Headmaster of Blundell’s 1942-1943 and Bishop of Coventry

Blundell’s has a rich tradition of activity away from the classroom and we offer an exceptional, vast and varied co-curricular programme. There are a myriad of opportunities including sport, music, drama, activities, clubs, and societies, giving each pupil the opportunity for enjoyment, fun, performance and of learning outside the set academic curriculum. Our pupils perform at the highest level in sport, music, drama and many other areas and are consistently successful at regional and national level. However, we place just as much emphasis on key attributes such as inclusivity, enjoyment and personal development and the array of oppotunities means that every pupil can discover their passion.

From the early years at Prep School an exciting and varied extracurricular activities programme is delivered to our pupils, designed to cater for the many different needs of all pupils. The opportunity for all to be on the stage, in a sports team or playing an instrument is just part of everyday life at Blundell’s Prep. Outdoor pursuits in the beautiful Devon country side, and expeditions beyond, challenge and develop our pupil’s character and resilience. Only two weeks into Year 9 and the pupils are camping out on Exmoor as part of a House Challenge trophy. 

The choice and opportunity in the junior years will allows the pupils to find something they are talented in and most importantly really enjoy! For some this might be at a high level as a musician, sportswoman, or actor, and we will nurture and fully support this talent through our coaches, caring teachers and pastoral staff. For others who just want to have a go at an activity or sport they will be given every opportunity.

Whether it is in the knitting club, volunteering in the Garden at The Hospice, Gold Duke of Edinburgh expeditions to Morocco or Peru,  learning martial arts , or  to fence or sail  we hope  every pupil finds something they love , growing their self-esteem, confidence and giving each a sense of achievement and belonging. Blundell’s fully recognises the importance of pupil’s time to explore, become more independent and enjoy time away from the rigours of classroom. Anything is possible!


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