Welcome to our Blundell’s website. In these pages I hope you will get a sense of our school; wholehearted, aspirational and engaged with the world.

When you choose Blundell’s as the school for your son or daughter you open up a world of opportunities for them. For some their journey begins at our Pre-Prep, for others it is in our Sixth Form, but wherever a pupil starts we are confident that the thread of the Blundell’s Experience is consistently woven throughout their daily lives.

At Blundell’s we see education as being so much more than exam results. We see education as being about developing young men and women who are ready to make a meaningful difference to their communities. While our pupils are with us we hope that their schooling will be an extraordinarily fulfilling and uplifting experience for them. It is our intention to give them the best possible start in life by giving them an education that will equip them to enjoy well-lived lives; lives of meaning, fulfilment and consequence. 

At Blundell’s we focus on teaching pupils how to have good relationships, both with each other and with the adults in their lives. We ensure that each pupil will have a sense of achievement, to experience the satisfaction of having done something well, by being successful. We help pupils to find meaning and purpose in their endeavours and we fuel them with the optimism they need to believe that they can make a difference. Overall, we want their lives at school to be deeply engaging. We want pupils to love being at school and to throw themselves into the opportunities this wonderful place has to offer. 

Happiness, we believe, is a consequence of doing these things well, rather than an end unto itself. I warmly invite you to come and observe our pupils in their environment and tell me if they do appear happy to you. If they do – and I believe they will – then we must be doing something right!

Mr Bart Wielenga, BCom, BEd
Head of Blundell's


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