Vision & Aims

At Blundell’s you will often hear us talk of “Roots and Wings”.

​It is our aspiration to give our pupils the Roots to keep them grounded and to give them a secure foundation, with the Wings to give them the courage and the optimism to realise their full selves.

Roots come from developing the skill set that will allow pupils to be lifelong, dynamic learners. It is our desire to instil a deep love of learning in pupils that will allow them to learn and thrive in all environments; in their working lives, in their leisure or in their relationships. Knowing how to learn is the greatest gift we can give our children.

At the heart of helping pupils to become effective learners is our desire to help pupils to know and understand themselves better. Self-knowledge is a cornerstone of a Blundell’s education and equips our pupils to relate positively with others and to have the awareness, the emotional intelligence and the confidence to know what to do when in different settings and circumstances. This, allied with a deep empathy, compassion for others and the optimism to make a meaningful difference in whatever setting they find themselves in, is at the heart of the social conscience for which we strive.

Wings are supported by the passion for adventure and discovery that runs through everything we do. We embrace the opportunity to challenge ourselves mentally and physically and this is at the core of our communal lives. With our beautiful setting in the heart of Devon, our pupils are inspired to test themselves and to strive to live their life to the full. 

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