"..though I am not myself a scholar, I will be the means of making more scholars than anyone else in England."

(Attributed to Peter Blundell)

Peter Blundell, one of the wealthiest merchants of Elizabethan England, died in 1601 leaving money and lands to found a School in his home town to maintain sound learning and true religion. No expense was to be spared in its construction in 1604. Generous lands were provided in Tiverton and South Devon for its maintenance and Blundell’s established links between the School and Balliol College, Oxford and Sidney Sussex College, Cambridge, which survive to this day. 

The flow of scholars and clergy has continued throughout our 400 year history. During the last Century there has been continued great growth and change. Under ‘Fusty’ Wynn (1917-30) numbers first topped 300 and Francis House was built. Under Neville Gorton (1934-43) Blundell’s became a dynamo of educational novelty and, latterly, there has been an explosion of activity. The continued support of the Heathcoat Amory family, with a long tradition of service on the Governing Body, has been a key feature of the last century. Additionally, Old Blundellians via the Peter Blundell Society, and the singular munificence of Sir Christopher Ondaatje (1947-51) have supported many developments over the last fifty years. Girls were admitted in 1975, with full co-education starting in 1992. St Aubyn’s Preparatory School became Blundell's Prep School in 2000. 

Throughout our long history we are grateful to the support of those who have added to Peter Blundell’s initial generosity. ‘Great trees from goodly acorns grow’!


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