Year 4 Residential Trip to Folly Farm

The Year Four Residential this year is being held at Folly Farm Centre outside of Bristol. The Folly Farm Centre is an environmental learning centre in the heart of the Chew Valley. Set in Avon Wildlife Trust’s 250-acre nature reserve, it is an inspirational place to pick up new skills, learn and engage with an exciting and diverse programme of courses. Children will leave school on Wednesday 24th May in the morning and return on Friday 26th May at about 4.30pm. The course will be accompanied by at least three members of Blundell’s Prep School staff who will be staying with the group throughout the time.

On day 1 the children will be learning about contrasting habitats and predator prey relationships. They will explore the woodlands of Folly Farm to investigate mini-beasts and small mammals, what they need to survive and how they are adapted to their environment. They will also investigate the creatures of the deep in the pond and find out some of the survival techniques that they use to defend themselves against predators and how they are adapted to live in their habitat. A dusk walk will round off a fantastic day.

On day 2 the children will learn what makes a good wildlife film and learn some of the tricks of the trade. Working in small groups they will create a storyboard and collect all the equipment needed to capture their story on film. Working their way around the nature reserve the students will film the wildlife habitats they see. In the evening they will edit their films and show them to the rest of the year group in a movie showcase event.

On day 3 the children will learn how to sustainably live off the land; looking at natural materials that help build fires to cook their own campfire snacks and how they can survive in the woodland away from modern day equipment.

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