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134th Russell Run 9th March 2014

Veterans Russell Winners 2014
Category Winner
Under 40 Simon Tang (OH 2005-12)
40-50 Charles Maunder (M 1983-88)
Over 50 Martin Price (Current Parent)
Ladies Winner Katharine Rackham (GH 1990-92)

This year’s 134th Russell Run saw over 40 Veteran competitors! We were delighted with the great turnout and with the glorious sun beating down on us it was a very pleasant day. This year the Russell Run was organised by Graham Baily, Biology Master. Each runner was fitted with an official runner’s bib and the winners from the race are below. After the race Runners and their families were treated to a well-deserved afternoon tea.

134th Russell, 2014   134th Russell, 2014

134th Russell, 2014   134th Russell, 2014

134th Russell, 2014

The 133rd Russell 2013

[ See a report of the 2013 Russell Dinner on the News page ]

The Russell start-line in 2013

This year’s 133rd Russell Run saw over 35 Veteran competitors, the biggest turn out to date. With OBs, Current Parents and Supporters all competing for the trophies (Under 40, 40-60, Over 60 & Ladies Cup). After a small rain shower the sun did come out and it began to resemble a Spring Day! Old Blundellian, Christopher Twigge-Molecey (P 1960-65) who won the Russell four times was our official race starter.

The Russell 2013 The Russell 2013

The Russell 2013 The Russell 2013

The excessive mud and hilly terrain made the run very tough this year but we are pleased to announce the following winners:

Veterans Russell Winners 2013

OBs, Parent (Current & Past) & Supporters

Group Winner
Under 40 Robert Backus (OH 86-91)
40-60 John Glaisher (Current Parent)
Over 60 Ian Maple (M 60-64)
Ladies Winner Georgina Geikie (Supporter)

Russell Winners 2013

Group Winner
First in Open Russell (Senior Boys Y11-13) Ollie Clarke (Francis House)
Second to the Russell (Senior Boys Y11-13) Jack Friend (Old House)
First Senior Girl (Y11-13) Charlotte Routledge (Westlake/NC)
Second Senior Girl (Y11-13) Lucy Reynolds (Westlake/NC)
First Junior Boy (Years 9 & 10) Arthur Friend (Old House)
First Junior Girl (Years 9 & 10) Zara Cameron (Gorton House)
School House Boys Winner Sam Taylor (School House Yr 8)
School House Girls Winner Serena Mundy (School House Yr 7)

The 132nd Russell 2012

The 132nd Annual Russell Run took place again last Saturday 3rd March 2012. Over 500 pupils from the School competed in the race to win points for their Houses. Gorton House (girls) and Old House (boys) won Overall.

Russell 2012 Russell 2012 Russell 2012 Russell 2012 Russell 2012Russell 2012 Russell 2012

Russell 2012Alumni, Parents and Staff we also welcome to run in the Veterans Race and over 35 runners participated. Old Blundellian, Ruth Hyland (GH 91-93) won the medal in the Under 40 category, Current Parent Martin Price won the 40-55 category & Grandmother Mary Humphreys won the over 55 category. Participants and their families were welcomed back to the Beale Centre for a warm cup of tea and cakes while Governor, James Bullock (P 81-86) presented the winners with their medals.

Many thanks to all those that participated and we look forward to having others join next year!

The 131st Russell 2011

The Russell, 2011 - warming up The Russell 2011 - setting off

The Russell 2011 The Russell 2011 The Russell 2011

The Russell 2011 The Russell 2011 The Russell 2011

The Russell 2011 The Russell 2011 The Russell 2011

The 131st Annual Russell Race took place on March 12th at Blundell’s School. Below are the Russell routes and timings of the event. Parents, Old Blundellians and guests attended and some took part in the Open Russell or the Fun Run.

Time Route details Distance
3.15 pm - The Open Russell
- Route: A-B-C-D-E-F-G-H-I-J-K-L-M-N-O-P-Q-R-S-T-U
- Years 11, 12 & 13
- Team scores calculated from the first 12 from each house and a cup for the first runner.
- Open to guests.
10 km (6.2 miles)
4.00 pm - The Fun Run
- Route: A-B-C-D- E-P-Q-R-S-T-U
- All students from year 9-13 who are not in any of the above races will take part in the fun run.
- Open to guests of all ages.
3.8 km (2.75 miles)


Old Blundellians at the 129th Russell 2009

Richard Youngman and Jonny French at the finish   The staff set off at the start of the Russell

OBs were out in force on Saturday March 7th at the 129th Russell. Some were content to watch, others were supporting children or grandchildren and some actually ran. The start is now on Mayfield outside the Prep School Headmasters' new House and the finish is at the bridge connecting the Pool Anthony playing fields with the Prep School.

Crowds at the finish   Refuelling station - all profits go towards the upcoming 1st XI Cricket tour

All pupils run in a competitive event, but there are six different courses to accommodate different ages and sexes of pupils. The Senior Russell continues to be a demanding race involving more climbing, but less water than the old course. Total distance is 4.85 miles and runners complete the course in 40 minutes or so.

Richard Swarbrick after finishing the Senior Russell   A fatigued Nicky Klinkenberg chats with husband Peter

Paddy Armstrong