Hello! My name is Sasha Synytskyy. I’m from the Ukraine. I live in a city called Odessa and I’m 17 years old. I have been at Blundell's School for nearly two years now.

When I first thought about studying in England I didn’t know exactly where to go, but I wanted to go to a good school in England. So we started to look at the best boarding schools in the UK. I looked at the most of them and I really liked Blundell’s. It has some beautiful old buildings and great sports facilities.

It has many international students which makes it a more interesting place. It also has many boarding houses so I knew there would be a lot of people boarding. This means I always have people around me to talk to.

I thought that everything would be the same as in the Ukraine, and only the language would be different. But in fact, when I came here, everything was different. Pupils wore uniforms, lessons were shorter and they have a much wider range of games and activities.

I enjoyed the new changes and quickly made new friends. In my boarding house, called Francis House, all the boys are very friendly and in general F.H. is like a big family. Moreover, F.H. is a very sporty and athletic house. All the boys from F.H. are in the school sports team. So if you are sporty person there is no doubt you would enjoy F.H. I think it is the best house for me.

I do eight subjects for GCSE, these are; Maths, English, English Literature, Drama, Geography, Biology, Physics and ICT. My favourite subjects are Spanish and Maths, and I think I’m going to do them in the Sixth Form next year.