Swiss flag

I am 16 years old and I am spending a year at Blundell's School in Devon. I live in Zurich in the German speaking part of Switzerland. It is very lovely there but our school system is different.

When I first arrived here I had to choose 4 subjects to study and I have 8 lessons in a week for each of them. There are also only about 8 or 10 others students in each of my classes. At home I was studying 9 subjects and there was no choice. I like being able to select my favourite ones and I am studying Mathematics, French, Economics and P.E.. I also have a few extra-English lessons in the TESOL department.

The TESOL department has been a great help to me, particularly with how to write essays, diaries and summaries for my GCSE English. I have also learned how to do advantages and disadvantages in essays and Mr Trew, my TESOL teacher, is now preparing me for my IELTS examinations.

I really enjoy my boarding house, which is called Francis House and I have made many friends. There are over sixty of us from age 13 to 17. It has a great atmosphere with lots of fun and laughing and we can do a lot of sports and activities. My house is next to the sports hall, tennis courts and astro-turf hockey pitch. I have played golf regularly and there is a very good 18 hole golf course (Tiverton Golf Club) just 1,000 m up the road where I am a member for my year here.

I get on very well with all the teachers and the staff in the boarding house. I don't know yet what I am going to do after this year but my English is now quite good and this was my first big time away from home. I think I would like to a job with economics after I go to university.