Hiya! I’m Daiki from Tokyo in Japan. I’m 15 years old. In fact, before I came here I was pretty nervous about coming to England, so those of you who are nervous at the moment, just don’t worry, you’ll be fine!

Japanese pupil playing footballInitially I came to this school to improve my English and obviously to learn about a different culture. I wasn’t expecting that it was going to be great, although currently I’ve been having a fantastic life here at Blundell’s.

I’ve taken English, Mathematics, Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Geography, Art, Design & Technology, and Physical Education as subjects for GCSE. I found it extremely hard at the beginning, but I’m getting better and better, and you can get good marks eventually. I have two TESOL lessons a week to help me improve my English, which is great. We also have Mark Orders twice a term, so you can see how well you are doing and how much effort you are making.

In games, I really enjoy rugby and I found sports are the easiest way to communicate with my friends. So if you come to Blundell’s, be sporty and make lots of friends!!


* * *

My name is Suguru and I am 15 years old.  I come from Tokyo, the capital of Japan. I came to Blundell’s in September 2008 and I joined Year 9.  I wanted to go to England so I discussed the options with my mother so she started to research some schools in England. Just before I came to this school, I had to take some examinations. It was quite hard for me because I could only speak a few words of English at the time but I passed, although I had to do a preparation course.

Japanese pupil during house relaysWhen I came here on the first day, I felt really nervous and I worried about everything. On the second day, the lessons started and I really did not know which classrooms I should be in and then every single lesson that day, I went to the wrong classroom! But my friends were very kind to me and told me where each classroom was. The first week passed very quickly. Now I have 2 extra English lessons called TESOL and they really help me to improve my English.

I live in Petergate, which is a boarding house in Blundell’s. I have a lot of friends in Petergate and when I am in trouble, matron and other house staff really help me out.

Currently, I play rugby at school and I am enjoying it very much. I had never played rugby before in Japan, and at first I thought it was a pretty intense sport because I had to run and tackle. But I found it interesting and fun, and I have made a lot of friends from playing rugby.

I am enjoying the lessons, here more than I used to in my Japanese school. I really like Chemistry lessons, which I find to be the most enjoyable lessons in the school. I am planning to stay here and take my A-levels in the sixth-form, but in order to achieve this, I will have to work harder and strive towards better grades.

* * *

Hi, I’m from Tokyo, I’m fifteen years old and I joined Blundell’s in 2001. A friend of the family came to this school and really liked it. My guardian had looked at a few schools too, and thought this one was the best. My parents wanted to send me here so that I’ll learn more English than I would in Japan. English is a very important language as it is the common language in the world of business and study.

Japanese pupilWhen I first arrived everything was completely new to me, such as the system of classes and lessons. The buildings are very old and it is much greener here than in Tokyo. But I got used to it pretty quickly, and soon I found new friends. People were very kind and looked after me when I first came, and I had extra lessons in the TESOL department to help improve my English.

I live in boarding house called North Close, where I’ve got lots of friends and my Housemistress, Matron and other house staff all help me whenever I have a problem. I like living there.

Now I really enjoy playing hockey because I had never played it in Japan and it was my first experience of it. It is so much fun and I really like playing for the school under-15 team. I’ve made a lot of friends doing this.

I don’t think I’m very good at studying but I try my best and I still enjoy lessons, especially Art, which is my favourite subject. I’ll probably stay here and do my A Levels in the Sixth Form, but at the moment I’m working hard and hope to improve in all my subjects.