Hong Kong

Hong Kong

Hi, my name is Wilson. I am seventeen years old and I come from Hong Kong. I came to this school five years ago when I was only in year 7. My English was terrible at that time. As Hong Kong is a popular international business city, it is very important to speak fluent English. I had never visited Tiverton before I came to this school, so I had no idea what the feeling of living in an English boarding house would be like. However, the first few days of my first year living in School House was great. The house parents of School House were keen to help international students in any way. The atmosphere of this school is brilliant.

I moved to Francis House when I was in year 9. This is a house for pupils from year 9 to 12. I am now in year 12 and I became one of the monitors of Francis House. I am responsible for making sure the house runs well and help the House Master with this. It is a great opportunity to communicate with English people more, and of course, this can improve my spoken English. In Francis House, many people are sporty and I started to get involved more and more in house activities and sports against other boarding houses such as House Rugby and Hockey Competitions. Academic wise, I am currently studying Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry, Psychology, and I’ve had a one-to-one TESOL lesson every week to prepare for my IELTS exam. I’ve had a TESOL teacher throughout five years of my life in Blundell’s, so hopefully he knows exactly what my strengths and weaknesses are, and has helped me to improve them.

There are many different sports and activities we can participate in at Blundell’s. We can play rugby in the autumn, hockey or football in spring and cricket, athletics or swimming in summer. There are also variety of activities we can take part in such as squash, CCF and mountain biking.

My ambition at the moment is to achieve high grade in my A levels and hopefully I can get into one of the top universities in Britain!

* * *

Hi! I’m Sherry, I am 13 years old. I have a brother called Simon and he is in Year Seven here and we come from Hong Kong.

My parents wanted me to come because I‘ll get a better job in the future and learn good English if I study in England. A few Hong Kong people come to this school too and they all think it is good; we also looked for some other schools when I was in Hong Kong and thought this one was the best. Afterwards, my family and I visited this school and finally we chose Blundell’s. My friend was going to come too, but her family changed their mind and she cannot come which is a shame.

When I first arrived it didn’t really feel scary because my classmates are all very nice to me, especially some of the room-mates. Boarding is a lot of fun, though sometimes they have a few strict rules! The food here is obviously not as nice as Hong Kong's food but it is a lot better than some of the other boarding schools!

I go to TESOL lessons where there is teacher to help me speak good English, and also teaches me on some of my weak subjects. I find it very good and useful.

My favourite sport is swimming, and I enjoy playing hockey, net ball, tennis and cross country which I didn’t do in Hong Kong.

I enjoy the lessons and I hope in the future I can speak perfect English and get good exam results.


* * *

Hello everybody. I’m 12 years old and I come from Hong Kong. I came to Blundell's School last year, in Year 7. I think it’s a really good school.

I came because my parents thought that it would be better for me to study in England because you can get a better job if you know English. My older brother and my sister study here, so we knew it was a good school.

When I first arrived I thought it was scary because everyone was speaking English and I was too scared to speak! After a couple of weeks I wasn’t so frightened and started talking to people. The TESOL teacher helped me to speak by doing exercises with me and getting me to work in English. He now helps me with my homework when I need it, and to learn new vocabulary.

I made friends really quickly. Lots of people just came up and started talking to me, and asking me questions and stuff. Sometimes they were too friendly! When I first arrived I shared a room with my sister, but now we’re not allowed to in case we speak Cantonese to each other. Now I share with other people and they are good friends. I’ve got lots of friends and I only speak Cantonese at school when there are no English people around, because they might think I was talking about them, which is very rude!

I really like playing hockey and I play for the Under 13s. I used to play centre but now I’m playing right attack because the teacher thought I could have a go there. I enjoy doing sports and it gets me outside. It’s a huge school and a really good place to do sports.

My best subject is Music and I play the piano and flute. I’m also doing well at Maths and get really good marks in my exams. I’d like to go into business one day and make lots and lots of money!

Bye bye!