Hi, I am Jocelyn, an 18 year-old Chinese girl. When I was only 13 or 14 years old, I had already decided to study in a foreign country to learn English and get a better education. My father agreed with my decision and was very proud of me. You really need to be brave and independent of your parents and friends to study and live alone in a new place. My father helped me to choose from a lot of boarding schools, and he decided to send me to Blundell's since both of us were attracted by the campus, activities and games.

Up to now I have been at Blundell's for nearly one year and I have got used to school life in England gradually. However, the emotions I had when I first came are only just disappearing.  Here, it is completely different from everything I was facing or going to face at home so I felt really nervous and like a fish out of water. Different ways of teaching, a different living environment, different life styles, and so on all made me get homesick at the beginning. As the people here are incredibly kind, I began to enjoy school life soon even though sometimes I still feel it is difficult to join in with their chat!

In these 8 months I have got a lot of experience which I could never get in China because I have tried a lot of things, such as playing hockey and netball. The Christmas Gut (dinner party), the 6th Form Dinner Dance, the Chinese New Year Party, the Russell cross-country running competition and the games will be some of the best memories of my school life, or even my whole life! No doubt, the Russell run will be stuck in my mind as long as possible since I am particularly rubbish at running, but I did improve with the training runs. I have never experienced anything like it; at the time it was awful but looking back it was fun, especially seeing my friend stuck in the mud!!!

On the academic side, the groups are all small so I can get the ideas more easily. The staff are friendly and helpful all the time. Besides this, I get lots of help in my TESOL lessons and my English is improving, which gives me more confidence in class. Finally, the thing I want to mention is I am getting more and more interested in things and having more fun here. I am quite happy to be a member of Blundell's.

* * *

Hi, I’m Daisy. I’m 17 years old and I come from mainland China. I joined a summer course before I came to Blundell’s. At the first time I arrived here, I felt a little bit like a fish out of water, because the ways of teaching were totally different from what I was used to, but after one week, everything became easy to me.

I live in Gorton house, I really like it as a house. All the full boarders have our own big rooms, and the house parents have a sense of humour. All the pupils in GH are good at academic subjects and music, and we won the house music this year.

I’ve done netball in this term, but I’ve never played it before; it’s a good chance to learn a kind of new sport and make new friends.

I’m so lucky that I’m in Blundell’s. Because there are not too many Chinese here, so that we don’t have a gang, so we get on well with the local students and it is easier to learn English. However, Blundell’s had a wonderful Chinese New Year Party this year, so we don’t miss home too much!

Certainly, as a student, the most important thing is studying. I’m doing Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Economics this year, and I quite enjoy them. Although I had a problem with the language at the beginning, the teachers are really patient and help me to get across the obstacle. I am getting more and more interested in sciences his term. The Mathematics lessons are pretty fascinating; I look forward to them every week.

I know that “Rome wasn’t built in a day” and I’ll put efforts into studying continuously, and hope I can get in a top university next summer.

* * *

I came to England to study A Levels in 2002 after 11 years of education in China. I attended a very good A Level preparation course for a few weeks before coming to Blundell's School. Blundell's gas given me the opportunity to experience British Education, which has long traditions, to taste a different culture and to increase my independence.

I am happy here and I feel that I am looked after very well. The teachers in the school are all extremely nice and I have learned a lot from them, not just in the academic sense but also about how to stand up for myself and to be an individual. I find that I can always be focussed in my lessons because the groups are small (between 6 and 11 pupils) and the teachers can give us a lot of attention. I enjoy the discussions and academic arguments with my teachers, which is something I had not experienced in China.

It is full of curiosity for me to experience British boarding school life for the first time. I must thank the house matrons for their loving care of me. Blundell's school life is always colourful and interesting. It is 400 years old in 2004 and it still has some unusual traditions, such as chapel each morning where the whole school meets and a famous Russell competition. This is a house running event that we all do and although I am not particularly good at it I have really enjoyed the beautiful views of the countryside around here in Devon.

I am very hopeful of achieving all top grades in my A Levels and then to go to study Engineering at one of the top British Universities.