Hi, I am Ina Krasteva. I am 17 years old and I come from a small country in Eastern Europe called Bulgaria. I came to Blundell's this year in the Lower Sixth to study A/S level examinations. Up to now I am really enjoying the friendly and hospitable atmosphere in the school.

When I first arrived here I thought that life is very different from what I am used to, but I quickly managed to find friends in my boarding house and get used to the daily routine. As I am the only person from my country I can't speak my own language with anyone else. That scared me to begin with, but later I quickly noticed that my English had improved incredibly within just one month.

I live in North Close, the best boarding house as far as I'm concerned. As soon as I came to NC this year I was surrounded with attention and I easily found a lot of new friends. I have my own room and living with so many other girls is great fun. Our Houseparent, Mrs Klinkenberg, takes good care of all the girls and she is like a friend to us.

At the moment I'm doing English, Drama, Maths and Economics as my A/S level subjects. I am enjoying all of them and I think the teachers are very cooperative and helpful with the work.

As far as sport is concerned I am doing basketball at the moment and I love it. I enjoy it because it is a team sport. For now I am in the first team and I hope I will stay in it.

In the future I hope I will get good results in my exams.