Hello! My name is Mariana, and I’m sixteen years old. I am from Florianópolis, an island in the south of Brazil.

It was my parents’ idea to send me to Blundell’s school. They thought it would be a really good opportunity to improve my English, for my growing up; becoming more responsible and more independent, and also for my academic future.

In the beginning it was a little bit difficult because I’d never studied in a boarding school before, so I had to get used to all the new rules and also the new routine. But after a few weeks I got used to all those things and I started enjoying my life in Blundell’s.

I’m in NC boarding house, and I have made so many friends here. The house is known as being really supportive to each other, even to people in different years, and all the girls, Mrs. Crease, house parent, and matrons have been really supportive to me since the very beginning. Always making sure I was fine and any time I needed help I could count on them!

The school is not only about the academic part. There is a big amount of choices of sports to offer to the pupils. I started playing hockey for the under 15 B team in my first term here, and I really enjoyed it, it was a new experience, as we don’t have this sport in Brazil. We often had matches away and it was so much fun in the bus with all the girls in the team! And I also started playing Netball this term.

I had a little difficulty in some subjects in my school in Brazil, but here in Blundell’s all the teachers recognize our effort, support us and encourage us to always do our best, and my grades here have improved a lot.

Last term I took part in the ‘Amnesty International’ campaign run by the school, which defends human rights, and this term I’m doing yoga for activities, and also ‘The Blundellian’, which is the school year magazine.

I came to stay only one term, but afterwards I decided to stay longer, as I enjoyed my experience here so much.

I recommend the school to all my friends in Brazil and around the world!

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