Ten Tors 2018 Event

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Event Information for Parents  

The Ten Tors event is a fantastic opportunity for the pupils and is run with military precision by the Army. As one might expect timings for the start of the event on Saturday are to the second. When pupils return on Sunday is far more uncertain, entirely dependent upon their progress over the two days.

In order to fulfill the Army’s rigorous registration and checking procedures, the pupils must be at Okehampton camp for all of Friday afternoon. As a result we will depart from school after an early lunch on Friday, at about 12:30pm.

If you would like to come and see your son or daughter start the Ten Tors challenge on Saturday 6th May you will need to arrive at Okehampton Army camp by 6.30am at the latest (map). Public parking is available just before you get to the camp and the start area is 20 mins walk up through the camp out onto the moor. The start time is 7am.

It is normally exceptionally busy at the start, and although the spectacle of 2,400 youngsters setting off across the moor at the behest of a Howitzer is impressive, you are unlikely to actually have a chance to speak to your children at the start.

Please click the map (below right - please note that North is at the bottom and South at the top) for details of Okehampton Camp. The main parking area is near campsite B, outside the camp perimeter. (This map is also available on the official Ten Tors website.)

  • Okehampton CampThe area marked "Bld 83, Scrutineers/Public Info" (just above centre of map), is where you can receive information about where each team has got to on their route. This information can take quite some time to filter back from the moor so do not expect instant updates. There is also a tent around the finish area which duplicates this information.
  • To find your team at the start point you will need to find their route letter at the start area.
  • Information about team progress will be available from the Ten Tors website over the course of the weekend (www.tentors.org.uk). The links above will take you directly to the team status page for each route.

Please note that although you will be able to work out where the teams are going to be over the weekend, it is not in keeping with the Ten Tors ethos to try and meet them on route. It is their challenge; let them achieve it on their own.

The Finish on Sunday  

The main time to expect teams to finish is between 12 noon and 3 pm on Sunday. This can vary massively so you are advised to check the official Ten Tors website on Saturday night to ascertain the location of the teams you are interested in. Check points open at 6am on Sunday so most teams will generally be walking by that time.

If you do come to see your child finish the event and wish to take them home with you, please inform the relevant member of staff. If you can not find a member of staff around the campsite ('X' on the Okehampton Camp map above) or the finish, please email Mr Morrison. (Blundell's School code = B06)

Mr D E Morrison
i/c Ten Tors Training


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