Sub-Aqua Overseas Trips

Egypt - July 2013

For a week in July 2013 Blundell's Sub-Aqua Club are heading for a week's liveaboard experience in the Red Sea.

If you are interested in joining us on this trip please email the Diving Officer, Mr Yates, at for an information pack.

Turkey 2012 Dive Trip

In the first week of July the school Sub-Aqua Club took 8 students, Tom Michelmore, Jim Bremnar, Rory Trevelyan-Thomas, Harry Boddington, Charlie Frankpitt, Freddie Morris and Alex Holme, to the blue skies and clear waters of Bodrum, Turkey for a week dive trip. For most of the club it was their first time diving in non-UK water and so it was an enlightening and exciting trip teamed with fun and interesting dive sites including reefs, planes and boats. The boys certainly had a fun holiday and there can be no doubt that the trip was a success. Thanks must be extended to Mr Yates and Mr Samson for their assistance on the trip and I'm sure that any future ventures will be just as successful. This video was filmed and edited by Alex Holme.

Video filmed and edited by Alex Holme.

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