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Bart Wielenga appointed as new Head of Blundell's

Bart Wielenga, currently Second Master of Blundell's, has been appointed as the new Head from September 2018. Read more on the News page.

Join me and support Blundell'sA few words from The Head

Nicola Huggett

Any child of outstanding ability should have access to a Blundell's education regardless of family background or wealth.

Blundell’s Development Office exists to ensure continuing investment in the School’s facilities and to provide vital funding for Scholarships, Bursaries and other educational programmes benefiting the pupils of Blundell’s. The Development Office’s fundraising priorities reflect the far-reaching vision for the School and will help to ensure the future success of the School. Blundell’s School is a registered charity, through the Development Office it is able to provide long term financial support for the School’s continuing development.

We endeavour to work with our Blundell’s Community, OB’s, parents and friends and supporters of the School to raise funds. We are extremely grateful to those who have supported us over the years.

Blundell’s thrives through drawing pupils from diverse backgrounds; we are shaped by the breadth of our differences. To preserve this diversity of backgrounds we spend a sum of money on bursaries each year, but the School does not have an endowment fund so finding the money to secure assisted places is always a challenge.

Blundell’s is also privileged to have some extraordinary buildings within its grounds which need continuous upkeep. The income from fees alone is not sufficient to meet restoration and maintenance costs or fund new capital projects.

Since the implementation of fundraising for the school, with the generous help of our friends, we have achieved a great deal. Looking to the future, we have other exciting projects and ongoing developments, which will further enhance the life of the School We hope you will consider supporting us.

Amber Oliver
Amber Oliver
Director of Development

Tel: 01884 232324
Mob: 07825 734440
Email: a.oliver@blundells.org
  Lucy Quinn
Lucy Quinn
Development Personal Assistant

Tel: 01884 232324
Email: l.quinn@blundells.org
  Emily Roffe-Sylvester
Emily Roffe-Silvester
Development Administrator

Tel: 01884 232324
Email: ers@blundells.org