Tennis 2003/04

Girls Captain: Amanda Norman GH
Boys Captain: Andy Unwin OH/W

Girls' 1sts, 2004 

Boys' 1sts, 2004

Girls' Tennis

GIRLS 1st 2nd 3rd
 King's Taunton Won  7-2 Won  9-0  
 Taunton Lost  3-6 Won  6-3  
 Millfield Won  5-4 Won  5-4  
 West Buckland Won  8-1 Won  9-0  
 Queen's Taunton Lost  2-7 Won  6-3  
 Clifton College Lost  0-9 Lost  3-6 Lost  3-6
 Wellington Won  6-3 Lost  4-5 Won  6-3

1st Squad: Amanda Norman, Lucy Simon, Frances Urquhart, Judith Durrant, Alice Kerr, Lucy Norman
2nd Squad: Amy Morris, Charlotte Vantreen, Lucy Bazley, Lottie Miles, Hattie Norman, Sang-Hee Kim

King's Taunton Won  6-3 Won  5-4 Won  7-2  
Taunton School Lost  4-5 Won  6-3 Lost  2-7 Lost  3-6
Millfield Lost  4-5 Lost  4-5 Lost  3-6  
Wellington Won  8-1   Won  9-0  
Clifton College Won  7-2 Won  9-0 Won  6-3 Lost  0-9
Queen's Taunton Won  7-2   Won  6-3  
Taunton School Lost  4-5 Won  6-3 Won  6-3 Lost  3-6
West Buckland Won  6-0 Won  6-0 Won  5-1 Won  4½-1½

Boys' Tennis

BOYS 1st
Millfield Lost 4-5
King's Taunton Won 5½-2½
Taunton School Draw
Wellington School Draw
King's Bruton Won 5½-3½
Clifton College Lost 2-7
Queen's Taunton Won 7-2

1st Squad: Andy Unwin, Tom Nunn, Moritz Breitner, Clarence Lau, Justus Stohr, Torben Pinck

The boys captain, Andy Unwin, and Tom Nunn have been great stalwarts of Blundell's tennis for some years now, usually playing together. This year they are playing as first pair and started the season very successfully, remaining unbeaten in their first five matches. Clarence Lau and Moritz Breitner, both of whom played last year, have been the regular second string. German students entering the sixth form often play a significant part in Blundell's tennis and this year is no exception with Justus Stohr and Torben Pinck being the most regular third pair.

All the matches have been closely fought affairs, starting with the defeat by a Millfield side 5-4 and a good win over King's Taunton in a singles and doubles competition in the rain. Then two draws followed, against Taunton and Wellington and wins over King's Bruton and Queen's Taunton. The 1st team's only resounding defeat was against Clifton College, resulting in the return of the Hines-Oglive Trophy to Bristol.

There is some good competition for places in the second team and when at full strength they represent the strongest second team we have had for some years.

With cricket having first call on boys in the junior years it is difficult to know just who will be available for tennis. This year it has been very encouraging. Will Seamer and Richard Kingdom have been the regular first pair for the U16s and they will both be available next year as well. Keeping up family traditions Francis Unwin and Will Vantreen, both in Year 9, have been a very useful second pair. The third pair have been made up of an assortment of Year 11 boys.

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