Tennis 2002/03

Girls Captain: Georgie Sawrey-Cookson, GH
Boys Captain
: Tim Bayliss, FH

Girls' 1sts, 2003

Boys' 1sts, 2003

Girls' Tennis

GIRLS 1st 2nd 3rd
West Buckland Won 8-1 canc'  
Millfield Won 7-2 Won 7-2 Won 5-4
Taunton School Won 6-3 Won 7-2 Lost 3-6
King's Bruton Won 8-1 Won 8-1  
Wellington School Won 6-3 Won 8-1  
Clifton College Lost 4-5 Won 6-3 Lost 4-5
Queen's Taunton Lost 2-7 Lost 3-6  
King's Taunton Lost 3-6    

The girls are having another strong season this year and the success of the 2nd VI shows the strength in depth. The 1st VI won all their early matches convincingly and only lost to Clifton, after every game had been keenly contested. The last two fixtures against Queen's and King's saw unexpected reversals, but on both occasions half of the 1st team were unavailable for selection; however, it was good for some of the younger 2nd team  to gain invaluable experience.

Boys' Tennis

Boys 1st Team
Millfield Lost 4-5
Taunton Lost 4-5
West Buckland Won 6-3
King's Bruton Won 8½-½
Wellington Lost 3½-5½
Clifton College Won 5-4 *
Queen's Taunton Won 4-0
Kelly College Won 9-0
King's Taunton Won 6-0

* Won the Hines-Oglivie Trophy

Regular 1st Team: Tim Bayliss (Capt'), David Atherton, Tom Nunn, Andy Unwin, Richard von Olderhausen, Moritz Brietner - also Clarence Lau, James Bancroft

2nd Team: Won 1 - Lost 3
3rd Team: Won 4 - Lost 3

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