Blundell's Rugby in 2003/04

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1st XV Rugby, 2003

Rugby Summary, Autumn 2003

Field: It has been a steep learning curve for this relatively inexperienced 1st XV, but they must take some credit for achieving a 50:50 record. They will look back on four games, which could and probably should, have been victories but poor finishing let them down on the day. The side produced some scintillating rugby but rarely for a whole game, with West Buckland being unlucky enough to be on the receiving end when they finally did. The trio of Captain, Alex Huntley, Adam and Will Gingell were outstanding and they should all have promising futures in the game. Highlights included a strong performance under lights against Clifton College, a well-deserved win over Sherborne and a comfortable defeat of King’s Taunton.

The 2nd XV, whilst never conceding victory by overly large margins, found their circuit a tough one. They were ably led by James Frankpitt and old stalwarts like Sandy Nightingale, Clarence Lau and Dougal Lyon continued to play with customary trenchmen-like spirit.

Green Rugby: Despite the usual sprinkling of old-lags such as Ed Gidley, Ed Vantreen, Rick Kim and Moritz Brietner, the 3rds did not quite live up to their coach’s high expectations. However, the squad trained and played with its normal level of humorous endeavour.

Senior Colts: This year group continue to be one of the strongest in the South West with the SCAs only suffering one surprise reversal. No less than five players are representing the county, Captain Sean Mardell, Robert Lennox, Joe Burford, Lewys Ryan and Alec Murray (also through to the South West). They are a side bristling with ability in all departments and their level of commitment has been impressive. The SCBs also had a hugely successful season with George Lyon and Harry Shadbolt leading from the front, assisted by Harry Venning, Will Frankpitt and Oliver Beach.

Junior Colts: The JCAs continued to build on their promising Newtes season and only a fine Sherborne side were able to upset them. Their upbeat tone was set by the excellent leadership of Freddie Beard and Joe Smith, with plenty of talent in support from all departments. They capped their term with an exciting display under lights against Brixham RFC and they also ended QEH Bristol’s three year unbeaten run. The JCBs put in some spirited performances but were always outsized, hence some unflattering scorelines. Freddie Spencer was the team’s leading scorer and, along with Andrew Turner, he was the most effective player.

Newtes: The Newtes can probably lay claim to the strongest season of all the year groups, with the As losing just once and the Bs giving all their opposition the run around. For the As Captain Tom Mahon played , as ever, well beyond his stature and as usual Will Vantreen was excellent. Several newcomers made major impacts, in particular Victor Liu and Nick Huntley were outstanding both on and off the field and Chas Simmons was a revelation. The Bs were undefeated and largely untroubled, and several players will surely feature in A team rugby in the years to come. The ‘swarming’ tactics, led by Andrew Pardy, Dan Wheeler, Michael Henderson, Richard Henderson, and Hugh Lomas overwhelmed their opponents, whilst the dipolar talents of Harry Rogers and Rob Parker were irrepressible.

2003/4 Captain of Rugby: Alex Huntley (W)

  1st XV 2nd XV 3rd XV 4th U16A U15A U14A
Truro School D 24-24 W 25-15     W 48-5    
King's Worc' L 15-19 W 27-21     W 49-0 W 44-5 W 10-0
Christ's Brecon W 14-0 W 20-5     W 70-0 W 67-0 W 39-7
Bristol Gram' L 7-26 L 12-13 W 17-3   W 29-17 W 50-12 W 39-0
Millfield L 8-38 L 0-36 L 7-33 L 17-34 b W 32-0 b W 22-0 b W 52-0
King's Taunton W 23-10 L 5-24 L 0-23   L 17-24 W 26-10 D 5-5
Clifton College W 17-7 L 8-22 L 19-28        
Bryanston L 0-13 L 5-17     W 27-7    
Plymouth Coll' L 13-14 W 34-7 W 63-0   W 25-14 postp' W 69-0
Taunton School L 3-5 L 5-15     W 31-10 W 42-17 W 57-0
QEH Bristol W 35-12 L 10-22     W 53-0 W 39-5 W 19-0
Sherborne W 12-3 L 12-36 L 17-39   W 22-0 L 0-36 L 5-20
Grenville 1st XV   W 32-5          
West Buckland W 48-0   v2s W12-0     W 56-0 W 56-0

Other Fixtures

  2nd XV 3rd XV 4th XV U16A/B U15A U14A
Shebbear 1st XV L 5-19          
Uffculme         W 49-5  
Wellington           W 50-0
Exeter School       W 34-7    
Taunton 2nd/3rd   L 17-38        
Brixham RFC         W 41-19  

B Teams

  U16B U15B U14B U14C
King's Worcester W   56-0 W   15-5 W   58-5  
Shebbear A   v U16A
L 19-52
W   25-5  
Bristol Grammar W  32-19 L  10-38 W  25-5  
West Exe TC W   25-7 L  22-37    
St Peter's Exeter A    7-32   W  31-21  
Millfield c W 57-0 c D 29-29 c W 22-5 d L 5-10
King's Taunton W  46-12 L  0-63 W  30-0  
Bryanston L    5-8      
Wellington     W  29-5  
Uffculme 38-0 W  60-10    
Plymouth College   W  50-17 W  50-0  
Taunton School   15-10 L  19-39 W  71-0  
QEH Bristol   L  10-45 W  57-0  
Sherborne L  10-22 L   0-92 W  31-7  
Grenville College A   L  5-61    

School House

  U13A U13B U13C U12A
Clayesmore Sevens canc'      
Christ's C Brecon W   38-19      
Exeter Cathedral A   L   20-42    
Mount House L  12-42      
St Peter's Exeter 39-40      
The Downs W  12-7 W   48-7    
St Peter's Lympstone W  41-0     W  71-12
Wellington School L   7-21 L   0-51 L  10-44  
Plymouth College L  12-27 W  63-0   L   7-17
Taunton Prep' W  34-15 L   5-45 L  12-15 L   7-34
QEH Bristol D    5-5      
St Michael's 1st XV   L  0-48    
Devizes Tournament      1/4  final  
King's Hall 19-24 L  0-17 0-64  
Bryanston Sevens 1/4 final      
West Buckland L  5-7     L  5-34
Grenville A   L  0-34    

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