Netball 2015/16

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Captain of Netball: Alice Smith NC/W
Vice Captain: Eleanor Ansell NC/W

Match Reports

U14 County Finals

v Coyton 8-7 Win
v Ivybridge 5-4 Win
v Torquay Girls Grammar 4-8 Lost
v Shebbear 13-1 Win

It was a tough pool and the girls played better and better as the day progressed. This particular group of girls have been so busy lately that there were some very tired legs that had to work extremely hard to counter this.

3 out of the 5 teams in our pool lost one game each which meant those teams with the highest goal average went through. We came second in our pool by 0.6 of a goal and therefore faced the Maynard in the semi-final. This was a rematch of the final in the previous round and was a quite outstanding game. Both sides played a superb standard of netball and the result was decided on the final whistle. The winning goal was shot on the whistle and we were so unlucky to be the losing side (8-9 Lost). This was absolutely devastating for the girls as only the top two teams qualify for the West Finals. They won the 3rd v 4th play-off 12-9.

All the girls in the squad played their part but special mention to Betty Stone who was one of the outstanding players of the tournament.

This group of girls have lots to look forward to for the netball season next term. ATC

U19 National Schools Netball Tournament - Area Round

The girls played some good netball having had very little preparation for the tournament. A very new looking squad to last year means there is much to learn about different peoples positions and responsibilities on court. The girls improved as the afternoon progressed and by the time they met Exeter School for the second time in the tournament they convincingly beat them and their performance was notably better.

Pool matches: v Exeter School 4-7 Lost v Okehampton 9-0 Win

Semi-final: v Exeter College 6-15 Lost

3rd/4th Playoff: v Exeter School 8-4 Win

U14 National Schools Netball - Area Round

It was an extremely competitive tournament in which all coaches agreed it was a very high standard of competition for U14 level. The Blundell's squad played extremely well in the pool games with the following results:

v St Peters 8-2 win: V St Lukes 10-1 win: V QECC 21-0 win

They qualified for the semi-final in which they played a tense game against Exeter School. The girls held there nerve in the last few minutes to hold on to a win. 

v Exeter 7-3 Win

The final was thrilling and the girls continued to play with real effort and determination despite being tired. It was a draw at full time and the girls then played extra time. They really excelled in the last few minutes and won the period of extra time 5-0. 

v The Maynard 9-9 draw at full time. 14-9 win after extra time.

This is an excellent overall squad performance. A mixture of girls who played for Blundell's last year and new girls who have joined the school this year have just begun to start to gel. This tournament was a real learning experience for everyone and at the same time a real success. The girls now qualify for the County Round to be played in November.

U16 National Schools Netball Tournament - Area Round

The girls played out of their skins, superbly beating a strong Maynard side 10-8 in the opening game and then followed this with a 20-1 win against St Luke's. This meant we won our pool and then faced Exeter School in the semi-final. This was an incredibly hard fought, competitive game and everyone in the squad contributed to some excellent play. At full time we were level and therefore had to play extra-time. Sadly we lost this in the closest of manners. The girls really played the best I have seen them play. In terms of insight into next season it was a very productive afternoon. A shame not to win the close semi-final to qualify for the County Round but a success in terms of the girls' performance.


  1st 2nd 3rd U16 U15A U14A
Area Tournament 3rd     3rd   Won
Devon County           3rd
King's Bruton Lost 21-24       Lost 18-22  
West Buckland Won 24-21 Lost 16-22 Lost 16-18   Lost 19-21 Won 26-17
Shebbear A            
Exeter School Won 21-20 Lost 17-18 Won 17-15   Lost 22-23 Won 24-17
Wellington School Won 28-11 Won 35-8     Lost 22-27 Won 22-13
Taunton School Lost 19-23 Won 17-14 Lost 9-18     Won 27-20
OBs Won 33-23          
Bryanston Won 40-16 Lost 12-22 Lost 12-21      
The Maynard Won 22-19 Won 22-13     Won 38-8 Won 31-20
Millfield   Won 25-19       Lost 21-28
King's Taunton Won 31-11 Won 31-8 Won 23-14   Won 21-19 Won 24-11
Queen's Taunton Won 31-16 Won 16-12     Lost 21-23 Won 25-15
Well's Cathedral Lost 14-18 Won 21-13     Draw 22-22 Won 30-15
  4th U16 U15B U15C U14B U14C
King's Bruton     canc'   canc'  
West Buckland Won 18-3   Won 12-11      
Exeter School Won 15-11   Won 17-10   Won 15-13  
Wellington School         canc'  
Taunton School Won 17-8       Won 18-16 Won 33-5
Wells Cathedral Lost 11-17   Won 29-10      
Bryanston Lost 9-27   Lost 4-38 Lost 1-24 Lost 9-21  
The Maynard         Won 15-11  
Queen's Taunton Won 23-11   Won 21-20   Draw 11-11  
King's Taunton Won 22-4   Lost 21-29 Won 14-9 Lost 11-17 Won 24-9
  U13A U13B U13C U12A U12B U12C
Millfield Prep   Lost 4-15 Won 7-6   Lost 4-17  
Taunton Tourn'            
Wellington School Lost 16-23          
Clifton Prep Lost 11-17          
Exeter Cathedral A            
St Peter's Prep            
The Maynard Won 20-17 Won 8-5   Won 16-5 Won 16-15  
Exeter School Won 34-6     Won 30-12 Won 13-4  
Wells Cathedral Won 22-20 Won 24-2   Won 42-5 Won 11-6  
Uffculme A       Won 23-5    
West Buckland Draw 21-21          
King's Hall Won 19-4 Won 7-6   Won 24-6    
Queen's Taunton Won 20-15 Lost 8-12   Won 32-7 Won 13-4  
Taunton Prep'            


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