Girls' Hockey 2015/16

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Captain of Girls' Hockey: Alice Smith NC/W
Vice Captain: Emma Jackman NC/W

  1st 2nd 3rd U16 U15A U15B U14A U14B
Exeter School Won 1-0 Won 3-1         Won 6-2  
Sherborne Tournament Won       Won      
Leweston         Won 5-0      
King's Taunton         Won 3-2      
Sherborne Girls Won 1-0 Draw 0-0 Draw 0-0     Lost 0-5 Won 4-0 Lost 0-1
Plymouth College Won 3-0       Won 4-1      
Maynard 1st X1   Lost 2-3            
King's Bruton Won 4-1 Draw 0-0     Won 3-0   Won 4-0  
West Buckland Won 1-0 Won 6-0     Won 2-1   Won 2-1  
Devon County Finals (Outdoor) Pool     Won        
Devon County Finals (Indoor)                
Clifton College Lost 1-2 Lost 0-2     Won 3-0   Draw 2-2 Lost 0-1
Shebbear A               Lost 0-4
Mount Kelly 1st X1   Won 3-0     Won 6-0      
Taunton School Lost 1-2 Lost 0-1     canc'   Won 7-1 Won 4-1
Wellington School             Won 4-1 Draw 1-1
King's Taunton Won 7-0 Won 8-0   Won 12-0 Won 6-0 Won 1-0 Lost 1-3 Won 2-0
Millfield Lost 0-4 Lost 1-3     Draw 1-1   Draw 1-1 Lost 0-1
Canford Won 2-1 Lost 1-2     Won 2-0   Lost 0-2 Lost 0-6
West of England Finals (Out')       2nd        
Bristol Grammar Won 3-1 Won 2-1     Lost 3-5     Won 3-1
National Finals                
  U13A U13B U13C U12A U12B U12C
St Peter's, Lympstone A   Lost 1-2   Won 3-2 Draw 0-0  
Blundell's Tournament 3rd          
Exeter School Won 7-2 Won 6-0   Won 5-0 Draw 1-1  
Wellington School Draw 3-3 Lost 0-4   Won 5-0 Won 4-0  
Sherborne Prep'            
West Buckland Won 3-2     Won 5-2 Won 3-0  
Clifton Prep' Lost 0-1     Won 4-1 Won 3-0  
Millfield Prep' Lost 0-6 Lost 1-2   Lost 0-4 Lost 0-5  
The Maynard Lost 2-5 Lost 2-6   Won 6-0 canc'  
Taunton Prep' Lost 1-3 Won 3-1   Lost 2-3    
Plymouth College Won 12-3     Won 8-0    
King's Hall Lost 3-5 Lost 0-7   Won 3-0 Won 3-0  
Queen's Taunton Won 3-1 canc'   Lost 0-1 Won 3-0  
Devon County Mini Finals            
Bristol Grammar Won 2-1 Draw 1-1   Won 1-0 Draw 0-0  

The U16's made the trip to Clifton College on Tuesday for the West Regional Hockey Tournament of the national schools competition. The girls started the tournament with real purpose and even though it was blowing a gale and the rain was horizontal, the U16's remained steadfast. After winning all our pool matches 3-1 against Cheltenham College, 5-0 against Marlborough and 2-1 against Kings Bruton we had become the team everyone wanted to beat. 

We saw Cheltenham Ladies College in the semi final and much to my delight we won 3-1 win but it took a lot out of us. 

Battered, bruised and very tired the girls took to the pitch one more time to play the kings Bruton side we faced earlier in the pool round. The girls were defiant in spirit but after playing 150 minutes; the equivalent of two and a half games we conceded a goal, the 4th in the entire tournament. Unable to claw one back even after many chances we had to settle for 2nd place. 

The girls were delighted with the way they played and special mention has to go to Millie Eaton-Jones and George Pitts for outstanding leadership and performance. 

The girls now have to proceed to a playoff match in order to get to the national finals. The ones that played in the U14's last year know only to well about this route. HDJ

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