Girls' Hockey 2013/14

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News 2013

Hockey 1st XI squad, 2013
Girls Hockey 1st XI squad, 2013

U18s, U16s and U14s all Devon Champions

U13s win Blundell's Tournament 2013

The U13s won their home tournament in great style and did not concede a goal in doing so.

Mount House 2-0, Clifton B 7-0, St John's B 7-0, Taunton A 4-0, Clifton A 2-0

Anna Gabbitass captained the team and played with great skill and vision, Grace Francis was named as the team's player of the tournament, and the other team members (Immy Hamilton-Green, Tabby Vause, Kinna Yewdall, Serena Mundy, Millie Attwell) all performed outstandingly throughout. RJT

U15s win Bruton Tournament

The Blundells U15/14s elite hockey squad were victorious in the annual Sherborne Tournament on the first Saturday of term. The girls defeated some strong opposition lift the trophy for the second time in 4 years.

Leweston 1-0,  Exeter 1-0,  Bryanston 3-0, Wellington 2-0, F Sherborne 1-1 (won on flicks)

It was a fantastic squad performance and to mention any girls individually would contradict the team spirit they showed throughout the tournament. The winning squad were: A.Sexton (c), H.Le Gassick (vc), B.Wesley, T.Pring, N.Charles, G.Pitts, G.Belcher, Z.Cameron, E.Miller-Hunt, S.Wright, A.Mountbatten, M.Eaton-Jones, L.Waliker, A.Woolcock. AJM

Captain of Girls' Hockey: Jodie Atkins GH/W

  1st 2nd 3rd 4th U16 U15A U15B U14A U14B U14C
Well's Cathedral                    
Exeter School Lost 1-2 Won 3-1       Won 7-3        
Sherborne Tournament Semi-final         Won        
Sherborne Girls Lost 1-5 Won 2-1       Won 4-0   Draw 2-2    
King's Bruton A   Lost 0-8   cWon 4-0     Lost 0-4      
West Buckland Won 3-0         Won 4-0        
Bryanston C                    
Devon County Finals (Outdoor) Won       Won     Won    
Devon County Finals (Indoor)                    
Clifton College Lost 1-4 Lost 0-2   Lost 1-3   Won 4-0 Won 7-0 Lost 1-8    
Shebbear A       Won 5-0     Draw 3-3      
Taunton School   Won 2-0   Won 1-0   Won 5-3   Lost 0-2    
Marlborough College                    
Wellington School   Won 4-1           Won 3-0    
King's Taunton Won 5-1 Draw 2-2   Won 2-0   Won 4-2 Won 1-0      
Uffculme A                    
Millfield Draw 0-0 Lost 2-3       Lost 1-?   Lost 0-1    
Queen's Taunton Lost 0-2 Lost 1-2                
Canford Won 1-0 Lost 1-3       Lost 1-6 Lost 1-3 Lost 0-7    
West of England Finals (Out') Quarters       Quarters          
Bristol Grammar Won 1-0 Lost 2-3           Won 4-0    
West of England Finals (Ind')                    
  U13A U13B U13C U12A U12B
St Peter's, Lympstone A Won 8-0        
Blundell's Tournament Won        
Wellington School          
Sherborne Prep' Won 7-0     Won 6-1  
West Buckland       Won 3-1 Won 5-0
Clifton Prep' Won 4-3     Won 6-4 Lost 0-4
Shebbear A   Lost 1-2     Won 3-1
Wells Cathedral          
Millfield Prep' Won 5-0     Lost 2-7 Lost 0-8
The Maynard          
Mount House          
Taunton Prep' Won 8-1        
King's Hall   Lost 2-8 Draw 2-2    
Queen's Taunton Won 8-3 Won 6-5      
Devon County Mini Finals Won        
Bristol Grammar Draw 4-4 Lost 0-4   Draw 1-1  
Exeter Cathedral A       Won 4-1  


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