Girls' Hockey 2012/13

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News 2012

Blundell's hockey dominates the county. Following succes at county level tournaments seventeen Blundellians have been selected for County teams at various levels. They are: -

U14 Girls: Ellie Emo, Grace Francis, George Pitts, Ottilie Mundy, Tabby Vause, Phoebe Stevenson, Maddie Dart, Josie Dart
U14 Boys: Charlie Brown
U15 Girls: Natasha Finchett, Louisa Kitson, Annabel Sexton
U15 Boys: Jake Attwell, Ben Clarke
U17 Girls: Beth Reade
U17 Boys: Bryce Clarke, Ollie Clarke

Heads of Hockey Mrs Klinkenberg and Mr Bucknell said they were pleased that the players efforts had been recognised and added that this was fully deserved after all their hard work.

U13 National Finals: The Blundell’s School under 13 girls hockey team competed in the national finals last Friday at Cannock in Staffordshire. Drawn in a group with four other teams, the girls went through the group stages unbeaten beating Queenswood (Herts) 2-0, Kirkham (Lancs) 1-0, Trent (Notts) 2-0 and reigning champions Cranleigh (Surrey) 2-1. This meant the girls topped the group and played Eagle House (Berkshire) in the national final. Unfortunately the girls could not repeat their group games performances and lost to a very strong side, meaning that they came second in the country. All ten girls put in strong performances throughout the tournament with Anna Gabbitass, Millie Attwell, Ellie Emo and George Pitts in particular playing extremely well. Coach James Mayes said “the girls should be extremely proud as am I of their performance and to be placed second in the country is a fantastic achievement which really highlights their talent. With four girls still eligible to play next year this experience will stand them in good stead to go one place better.”

Squad: Flic Charlesworth, Ellie Emo, Gracie Belcher, Bella Slade, George Pitts, Ottilie Mundy, Anna Gabbitass, Millie Attwell, Tabby Vause & Grace Francis. JAM

Captain of Girls' Hockey: Charlotte Routledge NC/W

  1st 2nd 3rd 4th U16 U15A U15B U14A U14B U14C
Well's Cathedral Won 5-0 Won 3-0       Won 4-0   Won 7-1 Won 6-0  
Exeter School Lost 0-2 Won 5-0   Won 2-1            
Sherborne Tournament Semi-final         Semi-final        
Sherborne Girls Won 4-0 Won 6-0           Lost 1-2    
King's Bruton A   Lost 0-1       Lost 0-4   Won 4-2    
West Buckland Won 4-3 Draw 0-0       Lost 0-1   Won 2-0    
Bryanston C             Won 8-0   Won 6-0  
Devon County Finals (Outdoor) Won       2nd     Won    
Devon County Finals (Indoor)                    
Clifton College Draw 3-3 Lost 0-11       Won 6-0 Won 2-0 Lost 0-3 Lost 0-2  
Shebbear A             Won 3-1     Lost 1-4
Taunton School Won 2-0 canc'   Lost 0-1   Won 3-1 Won 3-2 Draw 1-1    
Marlborough College Lost 0-1 Lost 0-3 Lost Lost   Lost 1-3 Lost 2-5 Lost 0-1 Won 2-1  
Wellington School                    
King's Taunton Draw 0-0 Draw 1-1       Won 4-0 Won 5-1 Lost 3-4 Won 3-0  
Uffculme A             Lost 2-4   Draw 1-1  
Millfield Lost 1-5         Lost 3-4        
Queen's Taunton                    
Canford Lost 0-2 Lost 0-3   Lost 0-5   Lost 0-1 Lost 0-9 Lost 0-5 Lost 0-2  
West of England Finals (Out') 5th             4th    
Bristol Grammar Lost 1-3 Won 2-1   Lost 0-1     Won 2-0 Won 2-0 Won 2-0  
West of England Finals (Ind')                    
  U13A U13B U13C U12A U12B
St Peter's, Lympstone A          
Blundell's Tournament Won Group      
Wellington School       Won 8-1 Won 1-0
West Buckland       Won 12-1 Draw 2-2
Clifton College Won 3-2 Lost 1-3     Lost 1-5
Shebbear A          
Wells Cathedral Won 7-0     Won 10-0 Won 5-0
Millfield Prep' Lost 1-2 Won 4-2      
The Maynard Won 5-0        
Mount House          
Taunton Prep' Lost 2-5 Draw 0-0     Lost 0-4
King's Hall Won 7-3 Lost 1-3   Won 2-1 Won 4-0
Queen's Taunton Lost 1-2     Won 3-0  
Devon County Mini Finals          
Bristol Grammar       Won 6-1 Lost 0-2
Exeter Cathedral A   Lost 2-3     Won 1-0

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