Girls' Hockey 2010/11

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Season Report

The 2010/2011 season proved to be yet another very successful season. The number of girls who were keen to be involved in teams has continued to increase each year (approximately 45 seniors turned up to preseason training) and this has led to us increasing our fixture list to include appropriate matches against many different schools – often with our B/C teams playing against other schools A/B teams. Sarah Holman in her role as Girls Games Co-oridnator has been extremely helpful and provided each team with some excellent fixtures. Also all of the respective coaches have benefited from her superb organisation of the weekly programme and consistent support on the side-line.

All three of our National School teams (U18, U16 and U14) were Devon Champions and each team progressed to the West Finals. The U18 and U16 teams having to play an extra round this year – we were able to host one of the tournaments this year due to us now having two astroturfs! There are not many schools who are able to reach the finals in both these senior age groups but the fact that just over 30 girls were involved in the West campaign is testament to the talent we have and also to the commitment shown by the girls.

Guy Bucknell has been instrumental in developing the U16 team as well as the 2nd team who must be one of the strongest 2nd teams on the West circuit. Debbie Hosking once again produced a very strong U14 team who gained some excellent results in their West Finals. The new boy – Mr Mead – rose to the challenge of coaching Year 10 girls and was extremely successful (and competitive) with this age group. Both these age groups also had input from Ali Menheneott and Becky Milne who ran the respective B teams superbly. At the senior end Jeremy Shrimpton’s 3rd team, once again, played some very skilful hockey and also provided players for the U16 National Schools team. Andrew Barlow’s Babes (the 4th team) had another almost perfect season and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. There were some exciting matches for the 5th team as well and my thanks go to all the staff who were involved in all ages. There a number of players who have represented Devon as well as some of our more talented players being selected for West squads. However, it is the effort and attitude of all the players who allow us to continue to be such a strong hockey school. NJK

Captain of Girls' Hockey: Sophie Birchmore GH/W

  1st 2nd 3rd SX1ths U16 U15A U15B U14A U14B
Kingsley A             Won 6-0    
Well's Cathedral   Won 2-1         Lost 0-5 Won 4-2  
Exeter School       Won 4-0       Won 2-1  
Maynard School             Lost 1-2 Won 7-1  
Sherborne Tournament 2nd         Won      
Sherborne Girls Draw 2-2 Won 2-0   Draw 0-0   Won 5-0 Won 4-3 Won 1-0  
West Buckland Won 5-1       Won 6-0   Lost 1-2 Won 3-1  
Devon County Finals (Outdoor) Won       Won     Won  
Devon County Finals (Indoor)                  
Clifton College Lost 2-5 Draw 0-0 Won Draw 1-1   Won 1-0 Won 3-1 Won 2-0 Lost 0-2
Shebbear A             Won 3-0   Draw 0-0
Millfield Lost 0-5 Won 2-1       Lost 1-2 Won 2-0 Lost 0-3 Lost 0-5
Taunton School Lost 1-2 Won 7-0   Won 4-0   Draw 1-1 Won 5-0 Won 1-0 Lost 0-2
Wellington School Won 6-0 Won 8-1       Won 8-0 Won 1-0   canc'
Kingsley A       Won 2-0         Won 3-0
South West Finals 2nd       2nd        
King's Taunton Won 2-0 Won 3-2   Won 2-1   Won 3-2 Won 3-0 Lost 1-2 Lost 0-3
Queen's Taunton Won 1-0 Won 3-0              
Canford Won 2-1 Lost 3-4   Lost 0-6   Draw 1-1 Lost 1-2 Lost 0-4 Lost 0-7
West of England Finals (Ind') canc' canc' canc' canc'   canc' canc' canc' canc'
West of England Finals (Out') 7th       5th     6th  
  U13A U13B U13C U12A U12B
St Peter's, Lympstone A   Lost 2-5 bLost 0-1    
Wellington School Won 5-0 Won 5-1   Won 4-1 Won 4-1
West Buckland Won 4-1 Won 2-1   Draw 4-4 Draw 2-2
Clifton College Lost 1-4     Lost 0-2 Lost 1-2
Shebbear A   Won 9-0     Lost 1-4
Millfield Prep' Lost 1-3 Won 2-1   Lost 2-6 Lost 0-4
The Maynard Won 3-1     Lost 0-3  
Mount House Tournament Semi-final        
Taunton Prep' Lost 0-4 Draw 3-3   canc' canc'
King's Hall       Lost 1-4  
Queen's Taunton       Lost 0-4 Won 3-1
Uffculme Won 7-0 Won 3-0   Won 1-0 Won 2-1
Devon County Mini Finals Runners-up        
Exeter Cathedral A   Draw 1-1     canc'

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