Girls' Hockey 2002/03

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Events and Results

1st XI squad, 2002
1st XI squad, 2002

End of Season Hockey Report - Dec 2002: What a fantastic season! Winning is something that has to be learnt and this year Blundell's girls discovered what it was like to be very successful. Across the board there were some great victories and we won far more games than we lost. More importantly there was a huge sense of pride and loyalty. I have been very fortunate to be supported by a very professional team of coaches who insist on high standards. We are fiercely competitive on the pitch but this is always accompanied by good sportsmanship. Blundellian's get the balance right.

The highlights:

  • 1st Team only lost one match and this was when they played Canford away without their West of England players.
  • Three full colours Sally Friend, Georgina Sawrey Cookson and Liz Lennox (all-rounder)
  • U14 Team had an unbeaten season
  • Lydia Allen's England Trial (U16)
  • The U16 (indoor) Team were runners up in the National Finals - 2nd best side in the whole country!
  • The U16 (outdoor) Team winning the West of England finals (finished 4th in the National Finals)
  • Lucy Simon and Lydia Allen representing the West of England
  • Devon Champions : -
  • U18 Outdoor
    U18 Indoor
    U16 Outdoor
    U16 Indoor
    U15 Indoor
    U13 Mini Hockey

  • Twelve County Players

The list goes on... It is always a great pleasure to coach pupils here as they are enthusiastic, attentive but above all great fun!

Nicky Klinkenberg
Head of Girls’ Sport
Dec' 2002

Our congratulations go to Georgie Sawrey-Cookson GH, Sally Friend NC and Liz Lennox TH who have all been awarded their Full School Colours. Georgie has been ever-present in the team for three years and has proved to be an exemplary captain. Sally has also been in the squad for three years and she has always set the standards during training. Many younger players would do well to appreciate how such dedicated attention to skills practice can reap such rich rewards and Sally is now one of the sharpest (and fittest) strikers on the circuit. Her fantastic equaliser in the last five minutes in the 2-2 draw away at Millfield will stick in many supporters' minds for some while. Liz has been a stalwart for the team in goal and thoroughly deserves this accolade for her all-round contribution to life at Blundell's.

England Trial           Lydia Allen
West of England      Lucy Simon, Lydia Allen
West Trial               Rose Bancroft, Lottie Miles, Hannah Bazley, Sonja Heckstall, Jo Mardell

Devon County
    U17A                   Lucy Simon, Lydia Allen, Issy Davies
    U17B                   Jess Dorse, Francis Urquhart
    U17 Reserves       Rachel Cotton, Jess Seymour
    U15A                   Lottie Miles, Sonja Heckstall
    U15B                   Carla Keenan, Tory Pouncey
    U14A                   Hannah Bazley, Jo Mardell, Becky Blackmore
    U14B                   Grace Gabbitass

2002/3 Captain of Girls’ Hockey - Georgie Sawrey-Cookson (GH)

Block Fixtures

Opposition 1st 2nd 3rd 4th U15A U14A
Maynard School W 6-0 W 5-0     L 1-2 W 2-0
Canford L 0-3     D 0-0 L 1-2 D 1-1
Sherborne Girls School W 2-1 W 3-0 W 2-0    W 5-1 W 3-0
West Buckland W 3-0 W 5-0     W 2-0 W 3-0
Wellington School W 3-1 D 2-2 D 1-1 W 4-1 W 2-0 W 5-0
Clifton College W 3-2 L 0-2 D 1-1 W 2-1 W 2-1 D 1-1
Millfield D 2-2 W 3-1     L 1-3 canc'
Taunton School D 2-2 L 0-2 L 1-2 canc' L 3-5 W 2-1
King's Taunton W 3-0 D 1-1 W 3-1 canc' W 3-2 D 0-0
Queen's Taunton W 3-2 L 0-2 D 1-1 W 1-0 W 2-1 W 7-1

Other Fixtures

Edgehill College, 1st XI   W 4-0 W 5-0
Stoodley Knowle, 1st XI   W 1-0  
King's Bruton, 1st XI   L 1-2 W 2-0
Blundell's Staff Team L 1-2    

B Teams

Opposition U15B U14B
King's Bruton A L 1-2 W 2-0
Sherborne Girls School   W 1-0
Wellington School W 2-0 L 0-3
Clifton College canc'  
Taunton School W 3-1  
King's Taunton W 9-2 D 0-0

School House Fixtures

Opposition U13A U13B U12A U12B
Taunton Prep'  7 a-side W 3-1 L 0-5 L 1-3  
Exeter Cathedral      D 2-2  
Sherborne Prep' W 1-0      
St Peter's Lympstone      D 0-0  
West Buckland W 7-0      
Wellington School     L 1-3 L 1-2
Clifton College     D 0-0  
Maynard School L 0-2      

Sherborne U18 Tournament - Runners Up

The 1st Squad narrowly failed in their bid to defend their title at Sherborne, losing on penalty flicks to Taunton after a very close game...

Sherborne U15 Tournament - Won (4th consecutive win)

The U15 team won the tournament for the fourth consecutive year. 

Group Wellington School W 1-0 Catherine Kingdom
Leweston W 3-0 Lottie Miles x2, Sonja Heckstall
Taunton School D 0-0  

Squad: Charlotte Vantreen NC (Capt'), Rose Bancroft NC (V.Capt'), Jodie Coles TH, Laura Friend NC
Emily Albon NC, Hannah Bazley NC, Lottie Miles NC, Alice Kerr NC, Lizzie Watts GH,  Catherine Kingdom NC,
Stephanie O'Reilly NC, Sonja Heckstall NC, Tory Pouncey NC

Devon County U18 - Won

West of England U18 - 7th

Devon Indoor U18 - Won

Maynard School W 3-1 Lucy Simon, Issy Davies x2
Exmouth Hockey C D 2-2 Lucy Simon, Sally Friend
Exeter School W 7-1 Lucy Simon x2, Issy Davies x2, Sally Friend, Emma Harris

Squad: Liz Lennox (Capt'), Georgie Sawrey-Cookson, Rachel Cotton, Amanda Norman,
Lucy Simon,  Issy Davies, Emma Harris, Sally Friend, Anna Crosse

West of England Indoor U18 - 5th

Devon County U16 - Won

West of England U16 - Won
...qualified for Nationals on 3rd March 2003 and finished 4th

Millfield W 1-0 Lottie Miles
Canford W 2-0 Lottie Miles x2
Daunsteys W 3-0 Lottie Miles x2, Amy Morris
John Masefield W 1-0 Jess Dorse
Cheltenham College D 1-1 Lianna Hill
Clifton L 1-3 Amy Morris
Mount's Bay D 0-0  

Devon County Indoor U16 - Won

West of England Indoor U16 - 2nd
...qualified for Nationals on 24th - 25th Jan 2003 (see below)

Gordano W 2-1 Rose Bancroft, Lydia Allen
St Mary's D 2-2 Rose Bancroft, Jess Dorse
Maynards W 2-1 Rose Bancroft, Lydia Allen
Millfield L 0-1  
Canford W 4-1 Rose Bancroft, Lottie Miles x2, Jess Dorse
Cheltenham Ladies D 1-1 Rose Bancroft

Squad: Frances Urquhart (capt'), Jess Dorse, Jess Seymour, Lydia Allen, Judith Durrant,
Rose Bancroft, Lottie Miles, Sonja Heckstall, Hannah Bazley, Tory Pouncey, Karla Keenan

National Finals Indoor U16 - Runners Up

What a fantastic achievement! The U16 Indoor squad qualified with Millfield to represent the South West in the National Finals held over two days at Worcester. The girls, under the tireless direction of Miss Hoskings, have spent many evenings honing their indoor skills and they won their pool convincingly. Their only loss was after they had already won the pool and the U14s were given invaluable playing experience. They played their best game in defeating Coopers & Coburn (East Champions) 3-0 in the semi-final. In the final against Wycombe High, there were chances to have taken the game but on the day the opposition were worthy winners. It was a superb team effort, with Frances Urquhart giving exemplary leadership and the dynamic duo of Lydia Allen and Jess Dorse showing all the benefits and experience gained from a year playing in the 1st squad. Rose Bancroft caught the eye of the West U15 selectors and has been invited to attend trials in March.

National Finals Outdoors U16 - 4th

It was a matter of so close yet so far! The team were never outplayed and with a little luck could have finished at least second. The first game was lost to eventual winners Fallibroome 1-2. In the next match we overran Gresham's but just couldn't score and then lost to a sucker last minute goal 0-1. Then we played Eastbourne College and thanks to a fantastic display of goalkeeping by Claire Bowen we withstood their early pressure to run out 2-0 winners. In the last game against Repton we again dominated but fell to another last minute equaliser, 2-2. Fourth place in England is a magnificent achievement and the Technical Delegates and Umpires commented on our exciting style of hockey. Perhaps it sounds disappointing but we were so close - we were not outplayed in any sense and had several chances to win every game. It was a great experience for the girls to play on such a stage and we had the around 35 very vocal supporters helping to really put Blundell's girls hockey on the National map.

Squad: Frances Urquhart (Capt'), Claire Bowen, Alex Steel, Judith Durrant, Jess Dorse,
Jess Seymour, Lydia Allen, Lucy Bazley, Lianna Hill, Jenna Witcombe, Tory Hosegood,
Lottie Miles, Rose Bancroft, Alice Kerr, Sonja Heckstall, Amy Morris.

West of England U13 Mini Hockey Finals - 3rd

With the best 8 teams in the S West competing, this was always going to be a tough tournament. For most of our squad it was their first exposure to this level of competition and it was a steep learning curve. Many of School House have not played competitive hockey, or some no hockey at all, before they join Blundell's at age 11. The SH girls beat St Edward's, Glos 3-2 in their first game but lost their second 2-3 in a close match against Downs, Hereford. Two comfortable victories followed against Truro School 6-0 and Marlborough HC 7-0. Next came a hard match against the eventual winners, Millfield, which was lost 0-4. A win over Castle Court 4-0 restored morale but we lost 2nd place in the last game by allowing Clifton to equalise in the last 10 seconds for a 3-3 draw.

Squad: Jo Mardell (Capt'), Grace Gabbitas, Becky Blackmore, Charlotte Venning, Laura Cole,
Bobby Frankpitt, Alanna Fraser, Laura Meadows, Louise Gillespie, Dido Graham.

Devon County Indoor U15 - Won

Devon County Indoor Skills U13 - Runners-up