Boys' Hockey 2003/04


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1st XI Captain: Alex Huntley, W

E Devon College W  8-0  
Torquay Boys Gr' W  1-0  
West Buckland W  1-0  
Wellington 0-? 1st/2nd team was easily defeated by 'lost count, Sir' score '!
Queen's Taunton 0-? 1st/2nd team was easily defeated by 'lost count, Sir' score '!
Kelly College D  1-1  
Exeter College W  1-0  
Clifton College L  1-2  
Old Blundellians L  2-4  
Exeter School L  1-3  

With some of the old hands having departed, it was an opportunity for some of the young stars to stand up to be counted - and they did admirably. Mark Lloyd, in particular, showed his quality and Torben Pinck proved to be a high class player.

The squad set off at speed with a high standard performance when beating E Devon College comfortably. This was followed by two hard fought wins over Torquay and W Buckland. Unfortunately the next two games were against stronger hockey schools and coincided with the rugby sevens players being unavailable and two heavy defeats were suffered. Both the team and coaches conveniently couldn't remember the actual scores but promised that it was less than 10! Against Kelly some fight returned to the side and then a hard earned victory over Exeter College restored morale. The last three games also saw Sevens absences but the boys showed great heart and competed to the very end with true Blundellian grit and never-say-die spirit.

The season was thoroughly enjoyed by all and the team owes a great thanks to Mr Vaughn and Mr Gibson for their excellent coaching. Alex Huntley

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