Fives 2011/12

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Season Report 2011/12

Blundell's has had another busy, productive and competitive season. We have benefited from refurbishment of the fives courts roof and although condensation, that perennial problem took its toll on a few occasions, luckily not on match days. As ever there is much interest in Fives across the school and well over hundred pupils have been involved either as a sport or in activity time. 22 pupils, between years 10 and 13 elected to play Fives as a main sport including a small contingent of girls. This is down on last year and we will need to boost the numbers of years 9 and 10 playing the game. Matt Oddy successfully skippered the squad for a second year and was rewarded with half colours for his efforts. We have started a programme involving the senior players coaching the juniors. This is working very successfully and we wish to develop this further next season. Special thanks to Sam Wyatt-Haines, Tom McPherson and Matt Oddy in this regard.

The season kicked off as usual with the West of England Championships Sam Wyatt-Haines made smooth progress to the final where he was undone by Kahn-Pascual of St Paul's, impeded at this last hurdle by not being fully fit due to injury. There was quite excellent doubles play from Nick Cumberlege, Tom McPherson, Jack Webber and Harvey Scott, the latter two winning the first plate.

At the National Championships, Sam Wyatt Haynes successfully retained his colts title, losing only 12 points on his way to the final where he took his revenge on Kahn-Pascual by beating him 11-9, 9-11, and 11-1 .

Tobias Francis, Ben Clarke, Will Klinkenberg, Jack Lockwood, Alexander Gibson and James McClaurin took part in the under 13 national championships, where Tobias won the singles plate and he and Ben Clarke were narrowly defeated in a gripping doubles final by Alleyn's school. Alexander Gibson (U12) is proving to be a special talent and did exceptionally well to get to the final stages of the singles after only half a terms experience of the game.

The under 14 girls’ squad which we have developed during year nine activity time did exceptionally well at the Girls National Championships held at Marlborough in April. Emily Combe won the singles and she and Amy Cross Across triumphed in the doubles. It was a delight to see the rapid progress in confidence and skill made by Abi Bundy and Lizzie Fearnley during the course of the tournament.

At Senior and Colts level there were a very limited number of interschool fixtures and I supplemented these with matches against a variety of adult sides. On the school sides of things we beat Sherborne comprehensively 196 to 25 in singles and doubles. Against Winchester our second pair and mixed colts squad lost to stronger opposition. On the adult front, we played against the RFA, OB’s, The West of England Club, The Executioners from London and the Tiverton and Exeter Fives club. As to be expected Blundell's came a very competitive second in most of these fixtures, although we can record a close but triumphant win against the Tiverton and Exeter Club 240 -233. All this adult experience was put to good effect in the Colquhoun Trophy where we played against Marlborough, Malvern, King’s Bruton and Sherborne and took home most of the silverware. Sam Wyatt-Haines won the Senior Cup, Harvey Scott the Colts Cup and Sam Combe the Colts Plate. There was tremendous development in the senior and squad during the season and Matt Oddy, Nick Cumberlege, Tom McPherson and Sam Wyatt Haynes have turned into formidable players. Sugaru Saito has also made pleasing progress. Equally Jack Webber and Harvey Scott have fronted up a strong senior colts side. Alistair Chilcott has had a tremendous first season as a fives player and Blundell's ought to be in a strong position as a senior team next season.

Under 12 & 13 Fives continues to thrive. In the annual Pilgrims match, delightfully hosted at Winchester, the under 13 four consisting of Tobias Francis, Will Klinkenberg, Jack Lockwood and Archie Stoneman won 115-79. The under 12’s lost to their opponents, but the squad consisting of James MacLaurin, Charlie Finley, Henry Olse, Harvey Wilder and Alexander Gibson will make a very solid outfit next year. The sport is as popular as ever at junior level and we had over 40 SH boys and girls playing it at activity times.

As normal, in the Spring we ran the internal singles competitions. There were many excellent and exciting games. The results were as follows:

  • The Rice Cup for seniors: Sam Wyatt-Haines
  • Senior Plate: Matt Oddy
  • The Rivett Cup for Senior Colts: Jack Webber
  • Senior Colts Plate: Harvey Scott
  • SH Boys Cup: Tobias Francis
  • SH Boys Plate: Alexander Gibson
  • The Matthew Girls Cup: Emily Combe

The Reichwald Cup competition in October celebrated its third season. As ever it was a delightful occasion involving 32 current and old Blundellian pupils playing in mixed pairs. Sam Wyatt-Haines and Georgina Scott won the trophy with Tom McPherson/ Alistair Chilcot, Christain Larder/Alex Scott and Tom Hillman/Harvey Scott winning the various plate competitions. Many thanks again to Frank Ackerman for his sterling support.

Overall, Blundell's has had a very productive and exciting season. This is in large part due to the never stinting support of my colleagues Bertie Matthew, Paul Rivett and of course our coach par excellence, Wayne Enstone. The senior squad next year promises to be a very strong one and there is much potential at the junior end of the school. We hope to, have a full presence at the Nationals next year, extend our fixture list and develop a strong girls and Junior Colts squad.


Captain of Fives:Matthew Oddy P

Internal Competitions 2012

  • The RICE Cup for Seniors was one by Sam Wyatt-Haines against Matt Oddy 11-6, 11-6.
  • The RIVETT Cup for senior Colts was won by Jack Webber against Harvey Scott 11-2, 11-7.
  • Harvey Scott gets the Senior Colts plate as runner up.
  • The year 9 Boy’s was won cup by Ed Taylor against Charles Henderson 11-1, 11-1.
  • The year 9 Girl’s cup was won by Emily Combe against Amy Cross 11-5, 7-11, 11-5.

National Girls Fives Championships at Marlborough 2012

Christ's Hospital, Eastbourne College, Marlborough, Sutton valence, Malvern and Blundell's

I am extremely proud of the Blundell's squad that consisted of Emily Combe, Amy Cross, Lizzie Fearnley, and Abbey Bundy.

They have come away with all the silver that it was possible for them to win. They played with great commitment and skilll throughout the long tournament.

In the singles, the team won most of their pool games and Emily Combe beat Amy Cross in a thrilling final 15-12.

Lizzie Fearnley won the Singles Plate beating King of Eastbourne College comprehensively 15-1.

In the doubles, Blundell's was undefeated at the pool stages and Emily Combe and Amy Cross beat Lizzie Fearnley and Abby Bundy in a closely contested final 15 - 9 that at one stage could have gone either way. CHD

Reichwald Cup 2011

We had a most sucessful Reichwald Cup Fives Tounament on Sunday. 32 players were involved 12 OB's and staff plus 24 pupils. The normal doubles format was observed. We were blesssed with extremely good weather. Competitive and enjoyable fives was played throughout the afternoon. The standard was high and bodes well for the coming season. I would like to draw special attention to the junior players involved, particularly Ben Clarke and Jack Lockwood for their gutsy performance and Emily Combe for her beguiling serve. A special mention should also be made of Georgie Scott who in best Blundellian tradition, stepped up at very short notice to take the place of an absent player, and walked off with the main prize! CHD

Reichwald Cup Winners 2011
Sam Wyatt Haynes/ Georgie Scott

1st Plate
Tom Mcpherson/ Alastair Chilcott

2nd Plate
Christian Larder/Alex Scott

3rd Plate
Tom Hillman/ Harvey Scott

Pilgrim's School, Winchester

We had a very exciting day of Fives at Pilgrim's School, Winchester and the U13 and U12 squads aquitted themselves admirably and played in the best spirit of the Game.Victory was spread evenly between Blundells and Pilgrims.

Toby Francis, Will Klinkenberg,Jack Lockwood and Archie Stoneman

The two teams were pretty evenly matched, Blundells beat Pilgrims in singles and doubles 115 -79 points.
Toby Francis  played very energetic and skilled singles winning both his matches (11-3,11-4) and Klinkenberg and Lockwood gave a dogged and strong performance in the doubles (11-8,11-2). Archie Stoneman was a stalwart through out.

James Maclaurin, Charlie Fanous,Henry Olsen, Harvey Wiider.
Pilgrims won 121-49.

This was a very encouraging start for Blundells , who despite being out played gave some really feisty performances. It took a while for our players to get used to the buttress!. James Maclaurin displayed skill, determination and excellent court coverage in both singles and doubles format.

Seniors v Tiverton & Exeter Men's Club

I am glad to report an excellent victory for Blundell’s against the Tiverton & Exeter Men’s clubs in a closely fought contest. Blundell’s  won 240-233. Singles and Doubles were played and scoring was American style (a point per rally)
The squad consisted of Sam Wyatt-Haines, Tom Mcpherson, Nick Cumberlege, Suguru Saito, Jack Webber, Harvey Scott , Alastair Chilcot, Sam Combe (and subs RDJM &CHD).
The boys played with commitment, energy and intelligence throughout.
In the singles Blundell’s dominated winning 122-115 .The games were played up to the wire in the main, but Tom McPherson’s victory (16-14) against Daniel Hill was possibly the most dramatic.

In the doubles, It could have gone either way, but in the end honours were equally divided 118 apiece. CHD

Seniors v W of England Fives Club

Blundell’s came second in a very competitive match against the highly experienced West of England men's club. The scores do not really reflect the quality of the fives being played. West of England  won 127-57 in the singles and 88-56 in the doubles.

The squad consisted of Matt Oddy, Sam Wyatt- Haines, Tom McPherson, Nick Cumberlege, Harvey Scott and Alistair Chilcot.

The boys played with their normal commitment and energy throughout and there was much to praise.
In the Singles, Sam Wyatt Haynes’ game against Alex Rew in which he was narrowly defeated10-12 was a real cliffhanger and he gained a significant victory over their number  two winning 11-7. Tom McPherson also acquitted himself valiantly against their number four.
There was much memorable fives in the doubles, but Nick Cumberlege and Tom McPherson's win against their second pair 15-13 and Matt Oddy’s and Sam Wyatt Haynes’ win against the first pair 15-13 deserve special mention.

The West of England club was very complimentary about the boys’ skill and attitude and would like to play Blundell’s again. CHD

U13 National Finals

The following boys participated in the tournament: Tobias Francis, Ben Clarke, Will Klinkenberg, Jack Lockwood, Alexander Gibson and James McClaurin. About 30 players from Six schools were involved.
Mt Matthew and I are very proud of the overall performance of the Blundell’s squad and they have come back with some significant silverware.
Tobias Francis won the Singles Plate
Will Klinkenberg/JackLockwood won the doubles plate (beatingMerchants Taylors 15-3)
and Tobias Francis /Ben Clarke were finalists in the main Doubles cup, succumbing in the third game in a gripping match to Alleyns 1 (7-11,11-9, 11-0)

The squad played with energy skill and intelligence throughout and in the best spirit of the game. They significantly upped their performance as the tournament progressed.
In the singles Clarke, Lockwood and Gibson got through to the Knockout stage of the main competition and now have a national rating in the top 8. Ben Clarke got through to the quarter final where he was beaten by Hanton of Alleyns the eventual winner. He played resourcefully throughout.
Tobias Francis eventually beat Kirwan of Alleyns convincingly in a very tense Plate final 15-9.

Alexander Gibson deserves special mention for his achievement in getting to the final stages of the main competition after only half a term’s experience of the game. His doubles match with James McClaurin against Christchurch I  in the plate completion  was a highlight game. ( they lost narrowly 9-11).

All in All Blundells’ acquitted themselves admirably and have created a strong platform for future victories. CHD

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