Fives 2009/10

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Captain of Fives 2010: Jack Turner OH

  Senior A Senior B Junior A Junior B School House Ladies
King's Bruton Won 164-50          
Pilgrim's Winchester (A)         Won 192-189  
Malvern College Won 159-61 Lost 44-89 Won 198-131      
Clifton College Won 129-57   Won 86-80      
Sherborne (H) Won 74-26   Won 73-1      
Sherborne (A)     Won 171-108      
Kelly College         Won 168-77  

U12 & 13 Fives Tournament v Pilgrim's School Sunday 17th Jan 2010

The following boys participated: Ben Brown, Harry Pilkington, Harry Venner, Ben Steer, Will Cookson, Tom Wardle, Joseph Duncan & William Scott.

It was an excellent tournament fiercely and closely fought. Blundells won by 3 points, 192-189.

It was an impressive performance from Blundell's, given that it was their first time on the courts this season and players had to get used to the Winchester buttreses. Everyone played with real commitment and sportsman like spirit. There was some excellent tactical and technical play across the board.

Highlights were Ben Brown's singles games 11-10 and 11-5 and the Brown/ Pilkington doubles against the the Pilgrim's 1st pair was particularly gripping.

Well done to the second four; Cookson, Wardell, Duncan and Scott who more or less won all their matches in singles and doubles format.

All boys behaved admirably and were polite and well mannered at the pre match lunch. They were a credit to Blundell's.


Fives National Championships at St Paul’s School, London

I am very pleased with the triumphant performance of the Under 14 squad that consisted of Samuel Wyatt-Haines, Jack Grandfield, Jack Webber and Sam Combe.

Samuel Wyatt-Haines has won the National U14 singles title. He and Jack Grandfield also won the national doubles competition. Blundells therefore maintains its pre-eminent position begun in the U13 championships of 2009.

Samuel dominated the singles, losing only 9 points in his six games, beating players from St Pauls, Radley, Sedburgh and Winchester on the way, and beating the St Paul's number one player in the final, 11 - 0, 11 - 4.  It was similar story for Wyatt-Haines and Grandfield in the doubles where they were only challenged to any great degree by the top pairings from Sedburgh and also Derby Moor, who they beat in the final (15 -7, 15 - 4).

Jack Webber and Sam Combe also played extremely creditably, Jack getting to the final of the Singles Plate.

West of England Fives Tournament 13th & 14th Feb 2010

  • Seniors: Jack Turner, George Daykin, James Reid, Ed Carlton
  • Colts: Sam Wyatt Haines

I am very proud of the way in which Blundell's performed at the West of England Tournament. particularly because half the squad had not competed before in this sort of competive environment before, with an extremely high standard being set by the top schools like St Pauls , Christ's Hospital and Derbymoor. All boys played with real fire and flair and had some excellent games. Many upped their game considerably over the 2 days.


Jack Turner had a fine 1st round  game against Tonbridge winnng 15-5. He was knocked out of the second round by a strong St Paul's Player.  The others went in to the Plate round aand were Knocked out of the first round, but not before playing several tightly argued points.

In the Colts, sam Wyatt-Haines got to the quarter finals having ably despatched Winchester 15-5 in the second round. Jack Grandfield played very well against Derbymoor, losing not disgacefully 10-15.


Ed Carlton and James Reid, played ably with some excellent touch shots before being dispatched in the Plate first round. It was a great learning experience for them.

Sam Wyatt-Haines and Jack Grandfield did remarkably well to get to the Colts semi finals were they were defeated By the St Paul's 1st pair, having beaten a strong Winchester first team 12-10, 11-8 in the Quarter finals. Their effort was particularly gratifying as all their opponents were 2 years older. Special praise should go to Jack Grandfield who had never played in a tournament at this level before! They both played gripping and intelligent Fives. Chris H-D

Blundell’s vs Clifton College (H) 13th March 2010

Seniors – A. Longstreet (1) & A. Payne (2); J. Turner* (3) & G. Daykin (4)

Singles: 1v1, W:11-6; 2v2, L:9-11; 3v3, W:11-0; 4v4, W:11-5.
1v2, W:11-1; 2v1, L:7-11; 3v4, W:11-0; 4v3, W:11-1.
Total: Blundells 82–35 Clifton

Doubles: 1sv1s, W:14-12; 2sv2s, W:11-2
1sv2s, W:11-0; 2sv1s, W:11-8
Total: Blundells 47-22 Clifton

Combined Total (Seniors): Blundell's 129-57 Clifton

Colts – M. Oddy (1) & A. Squibbs (2); J. Nicholson (3) & S. Edwards (4)

Singles: 1v1, W:11-1; 2v2, L:2-11; 3v3, W:11-0; 4v4, L:5-11
1v2, L:8-11; 2v1, L:3-11; 3v4, W: 11-1; 4v3, L:2-11
Total: Blundells 53-57 Clifton

Doubles: 1sv1s, W:11-6; 2sv2s, W:11-6
1sv2s, W: 11-0; 2sv1s, L:0-11

Total: Blundells 33-23 Clifton

Combined Total (Colts): Blundell's 86-80 Clifton

COMBINED TOTALS: Blundell's 215-137 Clifton

The Fives team finished off their excellent season with a comprehensive victory over Clifton, who provided a good standard of opposition despite this being their first match for some time. On a beautiful spring afternoon, the final senior doubles game between the schools’ two 1st pairs was particularly competitive, packed with exciting and lengthy rallies; the Blundell’s partnership of Alex Payne and Andrew Longstreet eventually managed to sneak it 14-12. Congratulations must go to captain Jack Turner, who finished his season unbeaten in singles matches with two 11-0 victories; for the Colts, Jack Nicholson also notched up two excellent wins, dropping just one point over the two games. A special mention should go also to Sam Edwards, a relative newcomer who was drafted in at the last minute and without whose points the Senior Colts could not have won overall. JN

Under 13 National Championships at St Paul’s School, London, 14th March 2010

Involved 8 schools  and 42 players.

Ben Brown, Harry Pilkington,Tom Wardle, Joseph Duncan, Will Scott and Will Cookson.
Although we didn’t return with any Silver the Blundell’s team acquitted themselves well and played with vigour and enthusiasm throughout the tournament against some tough opposition from schools such as Alleyns, Rossall and Loretto.


At the Pool stage where each player had to play six games, 1-11 against different schools Harry Pilkington got 65 out of a maximum 77 points, Will Scott and Ben Brown got 60 and 57 respectively. Harry narrowly missed getting into the final 8 knockout stage.

The team visibly improved during the course of the day and were all playing some tightly argued fives. I would choose Joseph Duncan as man of the match for sheer doggedness, consistency of approach and beautiful stroke play.


There was some excellent work in the doubles games and Ben Brown and Harry Pilkington got to the ¼ finals in the cup where they were defeated 11-7 in a gripping match against a strong Rossall pair.

We were admirably hosted at Pilgrim’s school, Winchester on Saturday night. And the team behaved well. CH-D

Fives - Cups and Plates - 2010
Rice Cup for Senior Fives Andrew Longstreet
Senior Plate George Daykin
Rivett Cup for Senior Colts Harry Edmonson
Senior Colts Plate Jack Nicholson
Junior Colts Cup Harvey Scott
Junior Colts Plate Sam Combe
Matthew Cup for Girls Breanna Wilder
Yr 9 Boys' Cup Sam Wyatt-Haines
Yr 9 Boys' Plate Luke Ansell

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