Fives 2004/05

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Captain of Fives: Richard Dyke P/W

A busy and enjoyable season on the Fives courts has seen an excellent coaching workshop by Wayne Enstone, a 1st 1V tour to Edinburgh and several well competed matches. Richard Dyke won the Senior Rice Cup in an exciting final against Oliver Beach and Will Denford threw himself around the court to great effect to take the Junior Cup. Claire Bowen, paired with the Head Master, Mr Davenport, outplayed all opposition to win the school's first mixed doubles competition from an impressive field of twelve pairs.

The Ladies Team of Claire Bowen, Kathryn Atherton, Alex Steel, Katie Yeo, Kate Palmer, Caroline Makepeace and Viki Grohmann travelled to Malvern for the National Championships and met with considerable success. Kathryn Atherton reached the semi-finals, Katie Yeo both the singles plate and, paired with Viki Grohmann, the doubles plate. They have been a loyal and enthusiastic squad, who have made excellent progress and as they are now leaving the school it is a fitting opportunity to thank them for their efforts. They will, hopefully, find a way of continuing the sport in the future. Lady fives players are fairly rare outside of Blundell's!

The 1st 1V suffered from injury and particularly the loss of Oliver Beach early on, through a dislocated shoulder, meant that they struggled to be a highly competitive force. However, Richard Dyke again competed with distinction in the Nationals at St Paul's and he has competed for both Tiverton and Exeter Clubs, including a very close needle match against the national number 2.

The Junior and U13 squads are looking extremely promising with Jack Eadie, Richard Longstreet, Matt Kvesic, Ned Menheneott and Freddie Gabbitass all being young players of some note. Congratulations to Joe Lambert, Rob Currell, Alex Steel, Claire Bowen, Katie Yeo, Richard Longstreet, Kate Palmer, Caroline Makepeace and Kathryn Atherton who were all awarded their colours and to Richard Dyke for gaining his All-rounder Full School Colours.


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