Fives 2002/03

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Captain: Damian Rivett OH


2003 1st  1V 2nd 1V Colts
Sherborne L 96-123 W 66-37 W 164-22
Jesters canc'    
King's Bruton (a) W 122-43    
Clifton College W 126-56    
King's Bruton (h) W   W
Malvern College L   W
Edinburgh Tour      
> Sedbergh L 122-141    
> Edinburgh Accies W 120-32    
> Fettes 144-124    
> Merchiston Castle L 102-142    
> Loretto L 89-138    


West of England D Rivett & D Atherton - quarter finals
Boys Nationals R Dyke - quarter finals
Ladies Nationals, Winchester
Mixed Doubles, Bradfield
Year 9 Tournament Winner: H McDowell   Runner-up: J Hunt
Old Boys Tournament Winners: D Atherton & WEH Silk Esq

Junior Colours: Oliver Beach OH, Alex Steel GH

This has been the busiest season on the Fives courts for a long time. Eighty pupils have been playing the game in some capacity, from the highly competitive to the mildly amusing. They were effectively kick-started into action in January by en excellent training workshop delivered by Howard Wiseman, some masking tape and a box of Kellogg's Rice Crispies. The 1st 1V achieved some memorable results against King's Bruton and Clifton College, but were overwhelmed by stronger opposition at Sherborne and Malvern. Damian Rivett captained the team with typical aplomb for the second successive year and he must be commended for his excellent service to the sport at Blundell's over the last three years.

The tour of the North was a great success and played in fine spirits. The hosting schools, Sedbergh and Fettes College, were extremely generous in accommodating us and they provided exciting and well-matched opposition. We were outclassed by the talented Merchiston Castle and Loretto teams who gave us a useful, if painful, lesson in brain over brawn. The tour was greatly enjoyed by all and has certainly fired up the junior teams who are keen to repeat it next year.

The arrival of 10 girls on the Fives courts caused quite a stir for all the right reasons and they proved to be a highly motivated and enthusiastic group. Early promise was fulfilled later in the season when Alex Steel and Claire Bowen were selected to play for the Colts 1V, competing admirably against the Malvern boys. Finding school fixtures for the girls has proved to be a difficult and fruitless task but the National Ladies at Winchester and the Mixed Doubles at Bradfield were invaluable experience. They were highly enjoyable competitions and have consolidated the girls interest in the game.

Particular praise should go to Oliver Beach and Alex Steel who received their Junior Colours for outstanding play throughout the season. Both players have tremendous potential and with a little more refinement will hopefully fulfil this on a National level in years to come. Megan Griffith and Caroline Makepeace are also to be congratulated on achieving their Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Certificates having used Fives as the physical component of their awards.


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