Cricket 2003

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Captain of Cricket: Simon Wright OH

Blundells 2003 1st XI

Opposition Result Batting Bowling
MCC  Cancelled - rain    
Millfield  Lost by 6 wickets  171
 S Harding 77 
 J Tarry 33
 172 for 4
Wellington School  Won by 38 runs  147 
 W Gingell 58
 L Loveridge 3 for 33
 S Wright 3 for 28
Taunton  School  Won by 2 wickets  180 for 8
 S Harding 54 
 T Beard 52
 L Lewis 3 for 30
King's Bruton  Won by 35 runs  145 for 8
 W Gingell 35
 110 for 8
 L Lewis 3 for 6
Devon Dumplings Cancelled - rain    
Exeter School  Won by 65 runs  167 for 8
 J Menheneott 40
 A Gingell 37
 S Wright 5 for 16
 A Gingell 3 for 21
Cardiff Eagles CC  Lost by 8 runs  243 for 6
 W Gingell 108 n.o.
 S Harding 69
 251 for 5
West Buckland  Won by 61 runs  208 for 6
 M Lancelles 83 n.o.
 S Wright 51
 L Loveridge 5 for 34
Royal Marines CC  Won by 7 wickets  144 for 3
 W Gingell 76
 L Lewis 31 n.o.
 E Sharp 2 for 18
 A Gingell 3 for 25
 M Lancelles 3 for 15
Sherborne  Won by 4 wickets  211 for 6
 S Wright 70 n.o.
 W Gingell 41
 210 for 5
KEVICs  Won by 164 runs  210 for 5
 L Lewis 120 n.o.
 J Smith 61
 E Sharp 4 for 22
 A Gingell 4 for 15
Krugersdorp, S A  Lost by 18 runs  196 for 5
 L Lewis 76 n.o.
 214 for 7
Queen's Taunton  Won by 100 runs  208 for 7
 S Sobczak 99
 J Smith 31
 108 for 9
 A Gingell 3 for 10
 T Beard 3 for 14
Wellsway School  Won by 10 wickets  131 for 0
 M Lancelles 62 n.o.
 J Menheneott 58 n.o.
 L Lewis 4 for 9
 H Jones 3 for 17
Old Blundellians Cancelled    
King's Taunton  Won by 3 wickets  145 for 7
 T Beard 45
 L Lewis 53 n.o.
 L Loveridge 3 for 35
 S Wright 2 for 26

1st XI: It is amazing that the 2003 season will be talked about as one of the best ever when the demands on the cricketers have never been greater. The examination culture is killing 1st X1 cricket and practice sessions are mostly with diluted numbers, as it is difficult to enforce prolonged concentration, whether from the batsmen or the bowlers.

However, this side had considerable natural talent, fantastic team spirit and a real desire to win. Everybody performed and although there were occasions when they tested my belief in them I did not ever feel that they were going to lose: even when they did in fact taste their only defeat by a school side (to Millfield), I still felt they could possibly win the game right up until the last hour.

There were historic wins over Sherborne and King's Taunton, a win over Taunton that was more comfortable than the score line suggested and all other school sides were well beaten, but although some individuals pulled us through in some of these games, it was the overall team contribution that laid the foundations.

One of the great attributes of this side was that everybody could bat, although this can cause problems on occasions because, unless you are struggling, not all do bat. It was nevertheless very reassuring to know that when we were 'under the cosh' there was always someone else very capable to come in and rectify the situation.

I am a great believer in maximising the full use of all the team members and regularly changing the batting order not only gave more players opportunity but also meant that the responsibility of performing was not laid on the few but was accepted by the team as a whole.

This is still a very young team and although we lose our captain, Simon Wright, the great team man, Steve Harding and the gentleman of cricket, Tom Beard, we should still be a force to be reckoned with again next year on the circuit.

It has been a most pleasurable experience working with these young men.

CLL Gabbitass

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